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Premiere of ‘Outback ER’ has locals talking

Wednesday, 11th February, 2015

Paramedic Simon Potter, captured during the filming of Outback ER in the region. Paramedic Simon Potter, captured during the filming of Outback ER in the region.

By Erica Visser

The premiere of an outback medical reality drama shot in Broken Hill does not premiere until tomorrow, but the hype surrounding the program has already begun.

The first episode of Outback ER, a series filmed at the Broken Hill Hospital and features local doctors and patients, will screen on ABC television at 8pm tomorrow.

Executive Producer Simon Steel, who came up with the idea for the show, said that there had already been a “fantastic” reception towards it.

“I love these types of shows. I thought, what a great thing it would be to tap into regional Australia and the outback and the challenges they face,” Mr Steel said.

“I think the points of difference within this program are really cutting through... An emu knocking a young guy off his motorbike at 9am and then, two hours later, another guy comes in after being knocked off his bike by a roo - for people in the city, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen.”

Mr Steel said that he had no idea what to expect even after shooting the pilot for the program during 2014, but was met with pleasing results.

“What we’ve found is a really mixed community, people from all over the place.

“It’s great to have doctors that have really popped as a fish out of water, landing in from England or India.

“I was very clear I wanted this show to be quite cinematic and I think we’ve captured the beauty of the landscape.

“The locals have been very generous with their time, allowing us to film in sensitive circumstances.”

Mr Steel believed the warm nature of Broken Hill people was showcased within the show.

“The people in Broken Hill and the doctors come across really well. The heart and humour and the emotion of this series is really what sets it apart,” he said.

“We tried to keep a real outback feel to the show. I think the outback always interests people in larger cities, and there’s a huge appetite for content shot in the outback and regional outback.”

But if Outback ER proves to be a resounding success, will the production team return for a second season?

“As an independent producer the answer’s always yes,” Mr Steel said.

“I loved making this show, the team have been outstanding and they’ve really delivered.

“If we get a lot of eyeballs on it I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get to go again.

“We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed on Thursday.”

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