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Woman behind bars after bail breach

Wednesday, 11th February, 2015

By Craig Brealey

A young woman charged with supplying methamphetamine is behind bars for continually flouting her bail conditions.

The 26-year-old was arrested last month and granted bail, one of the conditions of which was that she be of good behaviour.

But Lisa Leith, who has never held a driver’s licence, kept getting caught behind the wheel and on the last occasion she was also allegedly found in possession of cannabis.

Leith, the mother of an infant child, pleaded guilty in the Local Court yesterday to five charges of unlicenced driving for which she will be sentenced on March 17 but police asked the court to remand her in custody. 

Apart from her continuing to reoffend, police prosecutor Sergeant Brad Scanlan alleged that she was also “part of a criminal network involved in the supply of drugs in our area.

“Her co-offenders are also in custody,” said Sgt Scanlan, referring to six alleged methamphetamine dealers arrested by a police strike force established to tackle the problem in Broken Hill.

Leith faces serious indictable charges of supplying methamphetamine between December 1 last year and January 4, being a member of a criminal group and exposing her child to drugs. 

But her lawyer, Eric Craney, told the court that if police believed that she really was a member of a drug dealing gang, then they ought not have granted her bail in the first place.

As to her continuing to drive without a licence, Mr Craney said she had sold the car so as to avoid that temptation, and he asked that her bail be continued.

But Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy told the court that even if Leith was on the “outer edges” of the drug supply chain in the city, her continuing to drive without a licence was enough to warrant a possible jail sentence.

Mr Dunlevy also noted that she was caught behind the wheel twice in one day on January 26 and, although given bail again, she did it again on February 5, this time allegedly with 33 grams of cannabis, a set of scales and resealable plastics bags in her car.

With regard to the serious methamphetamine charges, he said it appeared that she also “tolerated her residence being used as a drug house.”

Leith’s criminal record was negligible, Mr Dunlevy said, but her history of not complying with bail meant that this time it had to be denied.

“There is very little else I can do,” he said.

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