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Trots season finale close

Saturday, 21st February, 2015

With only a handful of meetings remaining in the harness racing season, owners and drivers have even more reason to make every post a winner.

Tonight’s five-program event gets underway at the Rocky Baker Memorial Paceway at 8pm with the JC Heating and Air Conditioning Pace over 2200 metres.

Racing continues next week before a break after which the BH Harness Racing Club will stage its final event of the season on the eve of St Pat’s races on March 13.

 1. JC Heating and Air Conditioning Pace 8.00

2210 metres

1-416s4KismearAshleigh CamilleriR0 C0 Fr

2-5x153Atom RangerRaymond SlaterR0 C0 Fr

3-28315Circle LineRob WaymanR0 C0 Fr

4-23212Riverboat GirlCassie RobinsonR0 C0 Fr

5-34511Artois StoneJohn GarnautR0 C0 Fr

Second Line

6-58x61Charlie KnewNathan WeightmanR0 C0 Sr


2. Andrews Haulage & Stockfeeds Pace 8.30

2210 metres

1-645x3Casino EvilKasey HockingR0 C0 Fr

2-5256sPartoftheunionFrank StaceyR0 C0 Fr

3-35335Missouri BlueShane Smith R0 C0 Fr

4-24416Jereme JetsetterRaymond SlaterR0 C0 Fr

5-17160Shadow SparRob WaymanR0 C0 Fr

Second Line

6-32356MisperceptionCassie RobinsonR0 C0 Sr

3. Vetforce Mile 9.00

1609 metres

1-42263Walk With KingsRaymond SlaterR2 C1 Fr

2-71411Eye CarlyKasey HockingR0 C0 Fr

3-11222YouvegotobelieveitAnthony AdamsR1 C1 Fr

4-66131Montana MadgeRob WaymanR6 C5 Fr

5-63324Ingnite My DesireJacob KerridgeR1 C1 Fr

Second Line

6-25412BettatobeluckyCassie RobinsonR2 C2 Sr

4. John Frankyn Building Pace 9.30

2210 metres

1-95657Catos ViewKasey HockingR1 C1 Fr

2-65654Farewell HanoverR0 C0 Fr

3-24773Vee Jay JazzCassie RobinsonR1 C1 Fr

4-73556MestariRaymond SlaterR0 C0 Fr

5-43764Wrinkle NuttAshley CamilleriR1 C1 Fr

Second Line

6-98x55Can But DreamNathan WeightmanR3 C1 Sr

7-5994sFineandsunnyAnthony AdamsR2 C2 Sr

8-41642Mango SilhouetteDarren McInnesR1 C1 Sr

9-32141The WhitneyMark PelvinR1 C1 Sr


5. Paewai Shearing Pace 10.00

2210 metres

1-8r35Another ArchangelShane SmithR0 C0 Fr

2-4u342King Amongst KingsRob WaymanR0 C0 Fr

3-2535sDougs RevengeFrank StaceyR0 C0 Fr

4-64463Left For RonAshley CamilleriR0 C0 Fr

5-4035sOur DartesianAnthony AdamsR0 C0 Fr

Second Line

6-25364Giggling GoldieCassie RobinsonR1 C1 Sr

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