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Jasmin’s success in the States

Saturday, 21st February, 2015

Jasmin De Main with fellow actress (left) Alexa Asjes in The Memory of Water. Jasmin De Main with fellow actress (left) Alexa Asjes in The Memory of Water.

By Emily Roberts

Former local actress Jasmin De Main was pictured, on the front page this week, on stage in California where she now lives.

Not only was the play a hit, but her parents, her sister and brother were able to share the moment via the magic of the internet.

The play “The Memory of Water” was staged this month at The Promenade Playhouse in Santa Monica.

It was a comedy about three sisters who come home to the north of England for their mother’s funeral.

The original was a hit in London’s West End and won the “Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy”.

“The play was very successful,” said Jasmin. “We had full or oversold audiences most nights. I think people really identify with this play because it’s a comedy and drama rolled into one.

“It’s about how people deal with death in the family, and also the relationships and how they are affected within a family when a parent dies. It also deals with sibling rivalry and how just because we get older does not mean we necessarily let go of our patterns and old habits we have when we interact with our siblings as adults.”

Jasmin played the hysterical youngest sister who has trouble with men and finding one to give her emotional support.

“As I am the older sister in real life, it was great to change the dynamics and really play my character, which is very wild and irresponsible, and even though she is technically an adult she is still caught up in her teenage years when it comes to her behaviour.

“I’m quite responsible in life but I am sure if you ask my parents they would say I was a handful when I was a teenager so it was about channeling those feelings and emotions. 

Jasmin said her parents, Geoff and Adelaide De Main, were able to see the show live.

“They watched it live and I was able to message with my sister every time I went off stage during the show for a few minutes.

“I also had my brother in Japan watch it and family in England and Portugal and friends all over the States who live outside of LA, or could not make the show during the run, watch it online - so it was a great collective experience.”

The Memory of Water got good reviews in the US.

“It’s always great to have a positive response,” Jasmin said.

“I think the play itself is so wonderful and so beautifully written it makes our job as actors very easy.

“The writing is amazing, so that’s half your battle won as an actor.”

Now that the play is finished, Jasmin has a number of other projects in the works.

“I just had an audio book come out of an Australian novel called ‘The Good Parents’ which I actually recorded just before Christmas when my parents were here, and have booked a television pilot which will be shot in the next month.

“I have a few network shows involving me hosting which I will be working on in the next few months. It’s safe to say I have a busy year ahead.”

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