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Local cadet on overseas mission

Thursday, 15th July, 2010

* Army cadet Hannah Licul is going overseas on a cadet exchange program. * Army cadet Hannah Licul is going overseas on a cadet exchange program.

Sixteen-year-old army cadet Hannah Licul is jetting off to the US as part of an overseas army cadet exchange program.

Hannah is one of two Australian cadets going to America where they
will spend 15 days in Washington DC and Alabama.
The BH High School student said the chance to experience a different
country’s culture was one of the main reasons she applied to go.
“For the experience definitely; just to say that I have done it,” said
Hannah, who was selected after submitting an essay and application
form to the Australian Army Cadets
Hannah has been a cadet for five years and is one of 20 from Australia
travelling to either Canada, the Cayman Islands, Germany, Norway,
Korea or the USA.
The exchange will give her a chance to learn about international defence forces by visiting the American History Museum, the Gettysburg Battlefield and the Marine Corps Museum in Washington DC.
Hannah said she also felt it could encourage other local cadets to follow her lead.
“If I can do it, you can do it.”

She also acknowledged the effort of AAC’s Lieutenant Gary Dolan, who helped her with the application form.
Her father Branko, a reservist, said he was very proud of what his
daughter was doing.
“It’s going to be so beneficial for the cultural experience,” Mr Licul said.

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