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TRAGIC CRASH; Mad Max fan served in Iraq

Thursday, 12th March, 2015

The sign on the front door of the Mad Max museum at Silverton. PICTURE: Andrew Robertson The sign on the front door of the Mad Max museum at Silverton. PICTURE: Andrew Robertson

By Andrew Robertson

A young American tragically killed in a crash near the Mundi Mundi lookout on Tuesday while recreating scenes from Mad Max was a two-tour veteran of the Iraq war.

Fellow enthusiasts who were filming with the man when his motorbike collided with a truck described the 27-year-old as a “fantastic character” who would be missed by many.

The man, whose name has not been released by police, had travelled from the US to Silverton to recreate scenes from Mad Max 2 with up to 15 other men. 

But the adventure that brought him half way around the world turned to tragedy around 7.15pm on Tuesday. 

Police said he was riding a Honda motorbike towards the lookout when he collided with a Mack truck on the crest of a hill.

The impact threw him some distance and he appeared to have died instantly, they said.

Members of the group that the man was part of yesterday told the BDT that the accident did not happen during the recreation of any scenes.

Rather, they said, it occurred when the 50-year-old owner of the Mad Museum in Silverton was moving the prime mover to the other side of the road in preparation for another scene.   

At the same time the American was riding his bike along the same stretch of road, but was on the other side of the hill.

One of the group said their friend’s tragic death was simply the result of a “series of incidents that culminated” in the collision.

“The accident had nothing to do with the recreation of Mad Max,” said the man who did not want to be named.  

The owner of the Mad Max museum was contacted for comment but declined.

Another of the enthusiasts said the dead man was a two-tour veteran of the Iraq war whose interest in Mad Max had brought him to Silverton for the first time.    

“He was much respected by a lot of people and will be sadly missed.”

The men, who were staying at Silverton, have cut short their trip and were preparing to leave the village early this morning.

They said the group, which was made up of mostly Australians but also included a Japanese national, gets together every second year at Silverton.

“It’s just a bunch of guys gathering together who are like-minded,” said a member, who was preparing the group’s collection of replica cars and motorbikes for the journey.  

Police have seized both vehicles that were involved in the crash for forensic examination.

Barrier LAC commander Murray Reynolds said that he was unsure if any video footage had been seized by police as part of their investigation.

He also said it was too early to say if charges would be laid. 

“We’re preparing a brief for the coroner and if any offences have been identified we will follow those up.” 

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