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Stacey’s surprise reveal

Wednesday, 18th March, 2015

Kevin Stacey addressing the crowd at a water meeting late last year. PICTURE: Darrin Manuel Kevin Stacey addressing the crowd at a water meeting late last year. PICTURE: Darrin Manuel

By Darrin Manuel

Kevin Stacey has made waves in the world of water politics after declaring his support for Minister for Natural Resources, Land and Water, Kevin Humphries.

Mr Stacey is an administrator on the ‘We Want Action’ Facebook page - a group with over 10,000 members that has often been at odds with Mr Humphries’ policies, most notably his plan to establish bore water as an emergency water source for Broken Hill.

Many people are suspicious that the bores would become permanent and lead to Menindee Lakes being decommissioned.

But Mr Stacey said he holds no fear about the city being put on bore water as the venture simply had no chance of success.

“The much-maligned bore program will die a natural death as the people who have been drilling around this region for fifty years know that there is no suitable bore water there,” he said.

“This, coupled with the direct statement from the Minister that the Menindee Lakes System is 95 per cent reliable, screams that this bore idea will cease shortly.”

Without the spectre of permanent bore water, Mr Humphries shapes as the most logical choice for Barwon in the State election, according to Mr Stacey.

He said the group had established strong lines of communication with the minister, and should look to secure the $117 million mooted for the city’s water supply.

“Our group has unprecedented access to the Minister who actively seeks us out at every opportunity to meet to discuss proposals and solutions,” said Mr Stacey. 

“The Minister has a healthy respect for our group and has openly said on many occasions that our drive and community support is to be commended and is in the true spirit of communities working together. After all, who knows this region better than us? 

“Minister Humphries does not need to knock on doors to ask for funds for our region - he is the cheque-writer and decision maker.

“(He) knows we will be there at every decision relating to Barwon that affects our region to scrutinise, because this Group will live on long after March 28 and will act as the perfect conduit for our community to keep in touch with those at the pointy end of the Barwon Electorate.”

Mr Stacey recently posted his thoughts to the ‘We Want Action’ page and generated a mixed reaction.

Some have praised him for putting his cards on the table, but many others feel his stance is a departure from what the page was established to achieve.

Regardless, Mr Stacey said it was important to keep in mind that his views are, and his vote is, strictly his own, and all members of the page were free to support their preferred candidate.

“I’m copping it from a few individuals, but it’s my view. If you don’t like it, don’t follow my view - do your own thing,” he said.

“Put up who you want to vote for, and back it up with reasons why.”

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