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Tell the pollies what you really think

Monday, 23rd March, 2015

James Shelton with an app he has developed to better inform politicians. James Shelton with an app he has developed to better inform politicians.

By Michael Murphy

A former local man has developed an app to help politicians gauge the opinions of their constituents.

James Shelton, who went to Willyama High School before leaving the city for university, says the app will be free to voters but will cost each politician $100,000 for every term they are in office.

“The app is mostly directed at the voting public to enable them to express their opinions on the bills before the houses of parliament,” said Mr Shelton, who has a Masters in Computing Science.

“It will enable elected representatives to get direct feedback and an accurate impression on how their electorate would like them to vote on the bill,” he said.

Mr Shelton is not advocating a “direct democracy” - where every decision is put to the public - but a better way to inform politicians, something with a bit more punch than focus groups.

“Of course, as is the way of politics, they don’t have to listen to their electorate, they can make a well meaning decision of their own.”

The app for voters is called MyOpinion and will be available on Android and Apple devices.

Voters will be able to register on the app, and when this happens, the app will pull in the relevant bills of state and federal parliaments to each user.

Mr Shelton said he was currently negotiating with a couple of Queensland Labor MPs about the app, and one NSW candidate had also shown interest.

He said he hoped that people “rather than whinging in their blog and online, would get a chance to express their opinions and the politicians will take notice”.

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