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Strip blocks bore drillers

Tuesday, 24th March, 2015

A Sunset Strip resident parked a car in front a boat ramp to stop heavy vehicles drilling for bore water from using it.

Residents had been worried that NSW Water drilling crews would destroy the road in front of the ramp and wreck the ramp itself.

Barry Stone, President of the Sunset Strip Progress Association, said yesterday morning that he was fed up.

“I was protesting about the Office of Water using the boat ramp in Sunset Strip to access the lake,” he said.

“They never consulted us - the boat ramp is not designed to hold heavy vehicles.

“There are other ways to get on the lake. They don’t need to use the boat ramp, it has no reinforcements and can only hold light vehicles.”

Mr Stone said the group had spent $20,000 upgrading the road leading up to the ramp, and any heavy machinery would “just destroy it”.

“They’ve said they are here to talk to the community but they haven’t,” Mr Stone said.

“The last meeting we had was before Christmas. We don’t want them coming through Sunset Strip. We’re a bit disappointed about it.”

A spokesman for Water NSW, Tony Webber, said that they had met with representatives of the Sunset Strip community yesterday afternoon.

“The project manager ... spoke with Sunset Strip residents about issues associated with the project,” the spokesman said.

“It is my understanding that the matter reached a satisfactory resolution.

“Water NSW extends its gratitude to those community members who gave their time to bring this matter to our attention.”

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