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New lands bodies get together

Thursday, 26th March, 2015

Chairman of the Local Land Services, John Macarthur-Stanham, at the meeting yesterday. Chairman of the Local Land Services, John Macarthur-Stanham, at the meeting yesterday.

By Emily Roberts

The Western Local Land Service and Community Advisory groups met for the first time yesterday.

The Western Local Land Services board met with the three new Local Community Advisory Groups and were joined by the chairman of the Local Land Services, John Macarthur-Stanham.

“There are three things that bring me to Broken Hill; the opportunity to attend the Western Local Land services board meeting, to meet with the advisory groups and to meet stakeholders on the ground,” Mr Macarthur-Stanham said.

The board and the advisory groups will work together to address Local Land Service issues.

“The Western Land Services believe they have the best structure to deliver services,” Mr Macarthur-Stanham said.

“It is a good channel for the LLS to get infor-

mation out and to get information back in. This is a way to have information flow.”

Mr Macarthur-Stanham said it was important to speak with the public about relevant issues.

“One of the roles will be to get out there and deliver strategies,” he said.

“Good things are happening on the group. There needs to be more communication but this is a good opportunity to improve the level of services.”

He said some of the service delivery had been good and some needed more work.

“A couple of areas where we have been doing well is with buyer security and wild dog management,” Mr Macarthur-Stanham said.

“I think one issue we have is getting more people on the ground and going to the farmers on how we can change our service delivery.

“A way we can move forward is to have people take responsibility and suggest changes.”

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