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Were you fooled?

Thursday, 2nd April, 2015

The photo in yesterday’s BDT of the ‘fallen’ poppet head. The photo in yesterday’s BDT of the ‘fallen’ poppet head.

It seems more than a few fell for our April Fools prank on the front page of the BDT yesterday.

We reported that the No.4 headframe had succumbed to the mighty termite and had finally toppled over.

A stream of cars could be seen passing by the headframe early yesterday morning, and the BDT also took several calls about the story, including one from the Federal Government.

Here are some of the other pranks from April 1 this year:

 The Channel Nine Sinkhole

TV Tonight reported that a giant sinkhole opened up in front of Channel Nine HQ in Sydney. “Experts could not explain the cause of the rupture underneath the Free to Air station but Stan employees, working in an adjacent building, reported seeing Netflix representatives loitering at the gatehouse in the early hours of Tuesday morning.”

Munchie Matchmaker

Takeaway delivery site EatNow pretended to launch Munchie Matchmaker, an app which pairs up single people eating alone: “Online takeaway and food delivery company EatNow will launch Munchie Matchmaker and, like Tinder and Match.com the program, will take into account age, location and sexual preference, however the main appeal is to give users the option of matching with those who like the same cuisines and eat around the same time.”

Australia is moving north

Google Australia’s joke was a blog post which claimed the equator is slipping, meaning Australia will be in the Northern Hemisphere by 2055. As yet, Google Maps has not been updated to reflect this, but there is a spoof video.

Flight Centre “Cargo Class”

Can’t afford to fly economy? Flight Centre has a deal for you! The super-cheap Cargo Class is housed inside the aircraft’s cargo container, offering passengers a full lay flat bed in a personal coffin-like “pod”. Still better than flying Tiger.

The aquarium experience for cats

Sydney Aquarium claimed to be launching a special immersion program for cats: “The cat adventure allows our furry friends to indulge their love of being close to fish while being safely separated from the marine life.”

Climate change will wake up dragons

Here’s the summary of a paper that’s allegedly due to be published in scientific journal Nature: “An Australian and UK study has reported that increasing temperatures will result in an explosion of fire-breathing dragons around the world. The researchers say that dragon numbers declined during cool periods in history such as the so-called Little Ice Age but are likely to make a comeback as the planet warms.”

Telstra “Potty Mouth” Sensor

A new product for Telstra’s sizable pensioner demographic: “It’s a voice recognition app that works on a split-second delay. If someone utters a profanity during a phone call, it automatically bleeps out the profanity just like on radio or TV.”

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