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Dogs vanish in Silver City

Tuesday, 7th April, 2015

Karen Williams holds up one of 30 flyers she has posted around the city. Karen Williams holds up one of 30 flyers she has posted around the city.

By Michael Murphy

A spate of disappearing dogs in the city has owners heartbroken and worried about the fate of their beloved pets.

One owner has just doubled the reward for the return of his dogs - from $500 to $1000.

The latest disappearance happened on the night of St Pat’s races when two American Staffies - a blue male called Bliss (8) and a brindle female called Vegas (1) - vanished from their Jamieson Street home.

The dogs’ owner is Sam Williams, and his mother Karen Williams, has been helping track them down.

“They lived mainly at my son’s but I often had them at my house as well,” Karen said.

“For us, they are not just dogs they are family.

“When it’s cold they have the fire on, when it’s hot they have the air-conditioner on.”

Karen said her son returned home on the night of March 14 and shortly afterward the dogs disappeared.

“He came home and did not shut his door completely ... and within half an hour of him being home the dogs were gone,” Karen said.

“I reckon something has made a noise out of the front of the yard and they have gone out for a look at that was the last time they were seen.

“They have got out before but they have always come home.

“It’s just very strange for them to not ever return.”

Karen put messages online, checked out the pound, put up about 30 flyers around town.

The $1000 reward is for the return of the dogs (no questions asked), not just “pieces of information that lead you on a wild goose chase” 

She said the public support had been overwhelming so far, but they have not had any solid leads.

“I believe that somebody has got them and are not willing to give them up or have got rid of them for cash,” Karen said.

“The talk is that they have been taken out of town ... I honestly don’t know.

“I have heard there are heaps of dogs like that, that are going missing,” Karen said.

Nikkita Russell is another dog owner who has that awful feeling of not knowing what has happened to her pets.

She lost Jax (2) - a white male Labrador/Pitbull cross - and Datto (3), a fawn/tan-coloured Pitbull.

“They are a massive part of the family,” said Nikkita.

“They are like my babies. I would really love to get them back but the chances are pretty slim at the moment.”

Nikkita has put about 30 flyers up around town, called property owners out of town, checked the pound, put it over the radio, but still has not had any solid leads.

“I think someone else has got them in their backyard - it’s very unusual for dogs to disappear.”

Jax and Datto were last seen around the Shell Memorial Service station area about two months ago.

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