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One-sided game

Saturday, 18th April, 2015

The reigning premiers, South, may prove too good against a struggling West today at Alma Oval. PICTURE: Emily Roberts The reigning premiers, South, may prove too good against a struggling West today at Alma Oval. PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Patrick Reincke

Today at the Alma will see reigning premiers South take on the stagnating West in what may be a one-sided game.

Weather may play a major role in the game’s outcome with the sodden conditions likely to make the game a grubby and desperate scramble to get the ball forward.  

The winner will be the one who can keep their feet and keep their ball skills clean and on-target.

South started their season in strong fashion last week with a 125-point win over Central while West fell to a robust North side.

In dryer conditions, many would have South to win by a heap, but with the wet weather, the match could see goals become a rarity.

South have made four changes ahead of the clash with Dylan Browne, Wade Gepp, Arlen Bird and the A-grade debutante Sam Edgecumbe all joining the squad.

Last week’s seven-goal scorer in Cody Schorn will be absent due to work commitments and the Kangas will look toward Mitchell Henderson to be the major target. 

South’s forward line will be led by Henderson at full forward with centre half forward Bird another goal-scoring avenue.

Crumbing around Henderson will be the likes of Gepp and Edgecumbe along with Todd Shapter.

South’s potent offence will come up against the defence know-how of Jordan Tonkin, Josh Cieslik and player/coach Ben Perkins.

Forward structures may be thrown out the window should the wet weather set in and South’s tall forwards may find it challenging to take the big grabs.

Time will tell.

Brett Martin was West’s only multiple goal scorer in their demise against North. He will hope that teammate Callum Rosewarn at centre half-back will score some goals a take the edge off.

As said earlier, the weather could see big forwards made redundant and in-and-under players vital.

That said, West may rely upon players like Simon Matten, Judd Carpenter and Clint Pearce to hit the ball hard when its on the ground.

Like I’ve said numerous times, weather will be the major factor in this game’s outcome. From the looks of it, the conditions may give West an opening to beat South at ground level.

But I think the reigning premiers will be too good on home soil.

South by 48.  

IN: W. Gepp, A. Bird, S. Edgecumbe, D. Browne, T. Davidson                                
OUT: C. Schorn, A. Mackiewicz, B. Pollard, C. Keenan, J. Peters 

IN: H. Harris, G. Conway, H. Grose, S. Hocking, T. Rose
OUT: H. Teelow, C. Ellis, B. McInerney, C. Evans, J. Cox

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