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Bore water potable: MP

Friday, 1st May, 2015

The bores in Menindee are delivering acceptable quality water, and there’s more drilling to be done.

That was the message from the Member for Barwon, Kevin Humphries, who yesterday attended the fourth meeting of the forum for Water Security Consultative Committee.

He reported a “positive feeling in the room” at the meeting which included members of the Premier’s Department, New South Wales Water, Essential Energy and community members.

“All indications are that the preliminary results show that the water that has so far been extracted from the shallow bores on the Menindee Lake bed are well within the accepted guidelines which is very pleasing” said Mr Humphries.

“While the bores are an absolute last resort in emergency situations only, it is understood that once the water has passed through the reverse osmosis plant the water will be purer than the water that we are presently accessing.”

At this stage there have been 10 to 13 shallow bore sites completed on the Lake bed as well as six deep bore sites. 

Further deep bore drilling will start on the Tallywalker flood plain in early May, with preliminary test results expected in early June.

If these are good a 20-kilometre pipeline will be required to get the water to Menindee.

“Once again it was stressed that these bores are only a short term solution to the immediate water problem that the users of water from the Menindee Lakes are experiencing,” said Mr Humphries.

“The meeting was assured that a lot of work is still being undertaken to ensure a long term solution to this issue.”

He said a number of steps would now need to be taken to maximise the city’s water quality in the coming months.

“It was encouraging to hear that the Menindee Lakes will hold water in Copi Hollow until November this year and there will still be water for extraction from other surface water storages within the northern lakes until September next year.

“It will be necessary to upgrade the existing reverse osmosis plant in Broken Hill prior to September to ensure we have acceptable quality water.”

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