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North mine may reopen

Tuesday, 12th May, 2015

North mine North mine

By Emily Roberts

Perilya is developing a proposal to re-open the North Mine.

There has been discussion of the possibility of re-opening the mine that has been closed for over 20 years.

Perilya’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Paul Arndt said the company had continuously looked at reopening it.

“No decision has been made,” Mr Arndt said. “But we are getting ready to have a proposal to take to the board.

“It is premature to suggest we are opening.”

Mr Arndt said there were a number of reasons that they had decided to get the proposal up and running.

“The three reasons we are looking to reopen are that the metal prices are going up and the Australian dollar is going down, which is the best environment to make money,” he said.

“The second reason is that there is a substantial ore body in the North Mine that we do believe has potential.

“The third reason is that as the South Mine goes on, it becomes more complex - the ore tonnages will eventually decline - we need to develop additional ore sources.

“We wouldn’t take this proposal to the board unless we thought there was a chance they would agree.”

Mr Arndt said they were still developing the full proposal which would include an overall timeframe.

“It is positive for the city,” he said.

Mayor Wincen Cuy said any moves like this were good for the city.

“Hopefully it will maintain employment or even increase employment,” Mayor Cuy said.

“It is a great story for the city.

“All employment is exceptionally important for the town.”

Mayor Cuy said it was positive that Perilya was looking to the future.

“I’ve always praised Perilya on the effort they have put into the city. When times have been tough, they have had the option to pull out, but they have the fortitude it takes to stick around.

“I hope it continues for a long time to come.”

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