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Gun slingers in shootout

Friday, 22nd May, 2015

Kayle (left) and Ben Grossi will take on some of the nation’s quickest guns in this weekend’s Silverado Shootout. Kayle (left) and Ben Grossi will take on some of the nation’s quickest guns in this weekend’s Silverado Shootout.

By Patrick Reincke

The Silverado Shootout makes its return to Broken Hill this weekend after a five-year hiatus with some fast-paced shootin’ expected.

Starting at 9am at the Broken Hill Pistol Club, ten stages will be held with six on the Saturday and four on the Sunday.

Kayle and Ben Grossi have played a major role in getting the shootout back up and running and are excited about the upcoming event.

“We are pretty excited and really looking forward to it,” Ben said.

“Everyone wanted us to start it up again and the response has been unbelievable.”

There are 90+ shooters nominated in the event’s return year with entrants coming from Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and even Western Australia.

There will be categories to suit each shooter with cowboy (open), senior, junior, ladies and many more.

The top 16 shooters of the weekend will go into a final shoot-off.

“It’s the best time for spectators to come; you can watch the top guns shoot it out.”

“It’s got nothing to do with the main stages; it’s more for bragging rights.” 

All shooters are required to wear proper attire before taking the line. 

Hats, chaps, boots, spurs and duster coats are the outfits of choice among participants.

Competitors will arm themselves with six-shooter pistols, lever-action rifles and shotguns and use their razor-sharp reactions and dead-eye sight to hit targets at lightning speed.

Some of these shooters could rival the great Doc Holiday, Johnny Ringo, and “Curly Bill” Brocius and would certainly hold their own at the OK Corral.

“It drums a bit of business up and everyone loves coming to Broken Hill,” Ben said.

“We are hoping for as many spectators as possible, just to see what we do.

“It’s certainly worth a look.”

Spectators are welcome to come out but are required to wear some sort of eye protection.

Sunglasses will suffice.

Shooters often use aliases and keep their real names a mystery which adds to the whole experience of the western motif.

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