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Recidivist burglar jailed

Saturday, 30th May, 2015

An intellectually disabled man who keeps breaking into houses has been sent to jail with a warning that he must stop doing it.

Darren Bugmy started burgling houses when he was a child and has been convicted of the crime in NSW and Victoria.

Bugmy (20) pleaded guilty in the Local Court yesterday to robbing a house in Pell Lane on January 14 this year.

Police said he smashed a window to get in while the owner was at work and ransacked several rooms before making off with a camera, an iPod and an iPad.

But he left a partial palm print on the screen over the lounge room window that he smashed and police found his DNA on it.

Bugmy’s lawyer, Jalal Razi, conceded that his client’s long criminal record made a custodial sentence inevitable but he asked Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy to consider that he had been in jail on this charge since January 17.

Mr Razi said Bugmy was born with an intellectual disability and that he was introduced to burglary by older boys when he was just 10 years old.

He had been convicted of the offence six times, Mr Razi said.

Mr Dunlevy said housebreaking was a crime that affected not just the victim but made the whole community nervous.

Because of his mental deficiency, Bugmy was easily led but he had to learn to control his impulsive behaviour and stop breaking into houses, he said.

Burglars had to be punished to send a message of general deterrence but not in this case, the magistrate said.

“Intellectually disabled people should not be used as an example to others.” 

He jailed Bugmy for 14 months with seven months non parole but backdated the sentence to begin in January.

He will be due for release in August and will then serve the seven months on parole.

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