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Wednesday, 1st July, 2015

Posters made up by the Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee for Purple Ribbon Day. Posters made up by the Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee for Purple Ribbon Day.

The Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee will be holding an awareness day at Westside Plaza tomorrow.

The event is for Purple Ribbon Day, which is a day held in communities around Australia to help break the silence and raise awareness of child abuse. 

According to committee member Ruth Tonkin it is used as a symbol for those seeking justice. 

“The display of purple ribbons throughout our community conveys the powerful message that there is no place for domestic violence, including child sexual assault and it has to stop,” she said.

“The Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee organise Purple Ribbon Day in Broken Hill each year.

“Purple Ribbon Day had its beginnings on the Gold Coast in 1994 and was taken up by other communities around 1997. 

“The local event has been organised by the BHDVC since that time.”

In Australia it is reported that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys are sexually abused during childhood. 

“Intimidation, fear and shame stop many from speaking about what has happened to them.

“The effects of sexual assault on children and teenagers scar them and affects them into adult life. Many of the issues of post-traumatic stress, psychological disorders, drug addiction and crime can be traced back to those individuals experiencing childhood sexual abuse.

“The Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee is committed to raising awareness that child sexual abuse is an issue in our own community; we must break the silence and we all need to help keep our children safe.

“It helps those who are current or former victims to know that there is help available and where it can be found.

“It helps family and friends of those affected to find the resources they need to help those affected. 

“It helps all of us in the community to be aware that this problem does exist in our community, and we need to spread the message that it needs to stop.”

Purple Ribbon Day is held on the first Thursday of the school holidays in July each year.

A stall will be held at Westside Plaza during the day.

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