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New fees could see pet owners pay

Tuesday, 14th July, 2015

Pet owners grieving over the loss of their beloved dog or cat could now be hit with a fee to dispose of the dead animal.

Residents will be charged up to $51.50 to dispose of dead animals at the garbage tip in a move some fear could result in pets being dumped in household bins.

The charges were revealed in a release from Council which also outlined other newly introduced fees that coincide with the installation of a weighbridge.

Small animals will attract a charge of $8.50 while medium animals, such as calves, sheep, pigs and kangaroos, will incur a fee of $31.

People disposing of large animals, such as cows and horses, will be slugged $51.50.

Council said it would comment on the fees today.

Local vet Guillame Tabuteau said yesterday his clinic utilises the tip to dispose of dead animals, including pets, fairly regularly and had never been charged.

“There’s never been anything until now,” he said.

Apart from dogs and cats, Mr Tabuteau said he had in the past also taken out dead goats, sheep and chickens.

Some pet owners requested that the clinic dispose of the animal and Mr Tabuteau said it may be forced to pass on any charges. 

No-one was available to comment from the RSPCA.

While Council is certainly not the only local government to charge for dead animal disposal, one resident fears it could stop people using the depot. 

“I sort of worry if cats will end up in garbage bins,” said the resident, who did not want to be revealed.

Meanwhile, people dumping commercial or industrial waste at the tip will be charged up to $46.80 per tonne (unsorted), while contaminated waste attracts a fee of $431 per tonne.

People wanting to dump tyres will also be slugged between $2 and $17.50, or $110 per tonne.

Disposing of general household waste remains free.

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