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Funding to help escape domestic violence

Friday, 17th July, 2015

The NSW Government is providing $20,000 for transport subsidies to help women and children in far west escape domestic violence.

The “It Stops in the Far West (It Stops Here: A Safer Pathway)” project is a State Government initiative reforming the way government agencies, including the police, deal with incidents of domestic violence.

“This project will support women and children who are trying to get away from domestic violence, by offering subsidised transport options” said Kevin Humphries, Member for Barwon.

“Transport will be tailored to the individual clients needs as determined by police and agencies that assist women at risk, and will take the form of taxi vouchers, fuel vouchers or public transport tickets.

“Without appropriate transport, many women may be forced to stay in dangerous environments,” Mr Humphries said.

The trial project covers the Central Darling, Broken Hill and Wentworth Shires and the Barrier Local Area Command.

The funding will support the trial of a new way to manage domestic violence and the Barrier Command is the second site to conduct the program after the initial trial in the Central West of NSW.

Women residing in the Western Region are 13 times more likely to experience domestic violence than any other area of the state.

There is also an over representation of Indigenous Australians as both victims and offenders of domestic assault, which has not changed over the last decade.

The project will use the most cost effective means of transport available in the region to ensure the safe passage of women and children so they have access to the support networks they need.

It is estimated that a minimum of 132 incidents of transport assistance will be provided each year, with an average of three individuals on each of those trips.

The cost of $129 for each trip is due largely to the distance from the remote communities to the nearest refuges.

The project will operate for a period of 12 months and begin in July 2015.

The funding announced is part of the Governments Regional Transport Coordination Program which provides almost $900,000 every year for community group projects that improve transport results for residents living in some of the state’s most isolated areas.

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