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Reckless rider jailed

Tuesday, 21st July, 2015

An unlicenced motorbike rider will spend 12 months in jail for speeding away from police several times in one night.

Police said that they saw the 21-year-old man’s 750cc bike go through two intersections without giving way and almost mount a kerb where children were playing.

Ry Niall Chapman appeared before the Local Court yesterday for sentence on 17 charges and the magistrate described his actions as “nothing short of appalling”.

“Your actions needs to be denounced and punished,” Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy told Chapman who had breached a bond for assault before the offences were committed on January 30 this year.

According to police, officers on patrol saw his bike go through the give way sign at the corner of Morgan Street and Brookfield Avenue about 7.20pm and force two car drivers to hit the brakes.

The police activated their lights but when Chapman sped off up Morgan Street they abandoned their chase due to the danger it posed to the public.

About 25 minutes later they saw him at the same corner and this time, they said, he did a u-turn during which his bike nearly climbed the gutter in front of a nature strip where three children were playing.

Soon afterwards they caught up with him in Allendale Street and were able to get close enough to note part of the bike’s number plate and the clothes Chapman was wearing, including a grey jumper and white-soled shoes.

But again he sped away and again the chase was called off until he was seen travelling at high speed past the shopping centre in Galena Street.

Police said he then sped up Pell Street before turning left into Gypsum St where he was seen to go through the roundabout without giving way to a car.

Then, about 8.30pm, police received information that the black Suzuki bike Chapman was riding had been seen coming and going from a house in Morgan Street. They went and questioned the occupants about the identity of the rider and while they were there Chapman arrived in a car.

Police said they noticed a grey jumper on the back seat and put their allegations to Chapman who denied them.

However, he was on a bond that required him to report to police and had reported earlier that night. Police reviewed footage from CCTV cameras at the station and saw that he was wearing the jumper and the white-soled shoes they saw him wearing on the bike.

Police also determined that the bike belonged to Chapman’s brother and that he had borrowed it from him that night.

Chapman pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving and failing to stop for police and was sentenced to 12 months’ jail.

He was also found guilty of unrelated charges of possessing a prohibited firearm and parts which attracted a sentence of a further six months, making him eligible for release in February 2017.

Mr Dunlevy said that while jail might be hard for Chapman, it could help him overcome his problems with drink and drugs.

He noted his solid work history and said that, at 21, he had time to turn his life around.

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