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New beginnings

Friday, 24th July, 2015

SCFA combined juniors been trained by a professional coach Cristanio Dos Santos of the FFSA Football Development Team. SCFA combined juniors been trained by a professional coach Cristanio Dos Santos of the FFSA Football Development Team.

By Thomas Lyle from the SCFA

 The first day of the Silver City Football Association (SCFA) on July 19 was an overwhelming success. 

Social media was streaming with congratulations and admiration of the volunteers and the Memorial Oval. 

This success was supported by the sponsorship/partnership of the SCFA.

The initial success has continued through this week with training clinics for juniors and coaching from Cristiano Dos Santos and Tiarn Powell who are part of the FFSA/SAJSA professional coaching and development team.

The training clinics have helped prepare players and coaches for the upcoming country carnival. 

If you are interested in improving your football skills watch out for opportunities to attend clinics held by the FFSA/SAJSA team at Broken Hill schools (public and private) this week.

With the country carnival being held in four weeks the SCFA would like to clarify eligibility for participation. 

Players must be members of teams that belong to Associations and or clubs that are affiliated with the FFSA/SAJSA to be eligible to participate in this event. 

Due to the current situation in Broken Hill this means only junior players belonging to teams with the SCFA are eligible. Selection and submission of juniors by the SCFA to the FFSA/SAJSA for this flagship event has already occurred.

This situation saddens the SCFA as it wants all juniors to participate in the elite pathways provided by the FFSA/SAJSA. 

However, affiliation with the FFSA/SAJSA provides access to other training and playing opportunities. 

With this in consideration and with consultation with the SCFA affiliated clubs’ executive, should the BHSA have an early finish to its season, the SCFA invites any junior or senior player to join the SCFA competition and participate in any future FFSA/SAJSA training opportunities.

Any BHSA player moving across to the SCFA competition, should there be an early end to the season, must note that this will result in an individual cost of $30 ($24 FFSA affiliation fee, $6 administration fee). 

The SCFA season will continue for the next nine weeks, including breaks and finals, and all games are played on approved senior and junior pitch sizes. 

If the inclusions of more teams becomes apparent during the remainder of the season the format and schedule of the SCFA matches will change to ensure an optimum playing experience. 

SCFA the path is clear, the choice is yours.

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