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Inmates help stave off the cold

Friday, 24th July, 2015

Ivanhoe jail inmates stacking wood. Ivanhoe jail inmates stacking wood.

With temperatures dropping below zero, staff and inmates at Ivanhoe’s “Warikirri” Correctional Centre are doing their bit to keep the townsfolk warm.

With no registered businesses selling firewood, some locals including the elderly and disabled, are having to fetch and chop wood themselves. 

So the Manager of Security at the jail, Lennox Peter, decided to ask farmers such as Clive Linette for permission for jail staff to collect firewood from their properties. 

Mr Peter said some of his officers went out and chopped the wood while four inmates loaded it onto six large trailers. 

“It was really hard work,” he said. “I commend staff and the inmates for their efforts. Everyone did their bit including one inmate who split the wood over a few days and prepared it for distribution.”

Mr Peter then took officers Erika Ford and Kate Costello out on the road with two inmates to distribute the firewood to the elderly, including Aboriginal Elders and the disabled. 

“The residents were very thankful. Staff and inmates are very proud of this initiative,” he said. 

“The temperature has been very low and each morning it’s freezing with lots of frost about. This wood run is very important and we’ll continue it throughout winter to keep the locals warm.”

Mr Peter said that low security inmates were part of the jail’s work crews which helped the town by doing general maintenance. 

“This was in addition to that and greatly appreciated,” he said.

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