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Council kicks in $5,000

Thursday, 30th July, 2015

City Council agreed last night to give the organisers of the Broken Heel festival $5,000 to help with the marketing of the event. City Council agreed last night to give the organisers of the Broken Heel festival $5,000 to help with the marketing of the event.

By Emily Roberts

City Council will sponsor the Broken Heel Festival to the tune of $5,000 in the hope it can one day rival Parkes’s popular Elvis festival.

Council recently received a request from the Palace Hotel to assist with the staging of the three-day festival to celebrate the 21st birthday of the film ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’. 

The Palace Hotel requested a $4,000 cash contribution towards marketing the event, which will run from September 11-13, and $1,000 in-kind to assist with road closures and waste management services.

The Broken Hill City Council Event Sponsorship Policy supports applications up to a maximum of $5,000 for events that; have a high number of expected attendees from within and particularly from outside the City, are compatible with Council priorities, demonstrate benefits to the Broken Hill City Council area in terms of overnight stays and expenditure, involve more than one Broken Hill community group and enhance the identity of Broken Hill in ‘key’ tourism markets.

The request was considered at last night’s monthly meeting.

“It is very important to get behind something like this,” Deputy Mayor Dave Gallagher said after last night’s vote.

“At the recent Inland Tourism Awards, there were some great performances.

“Broken Hill is renowned for Priscilla Queen of the Desert and having this Broken Heel festival will get a lot of visitors.

“It will get Broken Hill on the map and move things forward.”

Clr Gallagher said there was hope that the festival could become similar to the popular Elvis Festival held annually in Parkes.

“It is very important to assist in the promotion and financing of the festival.

“We need to get it out there.”

The hotel’s management has said it will use the $4,000 to engage a specialist public relations agency to drive a professional campaign.

The company has been involved with the Sydney Mardi Gras, Sydney Film Festival and Parkes Elvis Festival.

It was also agreed to waive the alcohol-free zone around the Palace Hotel for the festival’s duration.

“That was warmly accepted, it is the best way to utilise the facilities and the festivities,” Clr Gallagher said.

“It can only enhance Broken Hill’s popularity.”

Clr Gallagher said it was a test run to ensure people behaved.

“The biggest thing we have is the Responsible Service of Alcohol and it enhances the Liquor Act.

“There will be certain conditions and rules and regulations that will be enforced.

“Any misbehaving or intoxication and action will be taken.”

Event organisers had requested a temporary suspension of the zone and subsequent road closure of the portion of Sulphide Street adjacent to the Palace Hotel.

The organisers have prepared and applied for Liquor Licence amendments, traffic management plans, security, and insurance to specifically cover the period of the event. All information was supplied to Council, Barrier Local Area Command and the Traffic Committee.

A report to council said the festival also compliments the Broken Hill Living Museum and Perfect Light Project, endorsed by Council at its June 2015 meeting.



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