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Doctors supporters spread word online

Monday, 2nd August, 2010

* Local doctor Phillip Chapman's support page on Facebook. * Local doctor Phillip Chapman's support page on Facebook.

Former local doctor Phillip Chapman, who resigned after his suspension from the medical register, has had a support page created on the social networking site Facebook.

The page, titled "We support Dr Phillip Chapman!!", has 93 members, most sharing fond memories and showing their support for the former doctor.
"The suspension of Dr Chapman was the last straw and forced him into retirement, a situation that should never have happened," says the page's moderator.
"His retirement will place further strain on the severe doctor shortage in Broken Hill, and for some his absence will be a gap that will be unable to be filled."
Members have posted comments about how he delivered their children, and his caring attitude towards patients.
"The visit was not timed and ran its course. We spoke, he listened, not entering every word on a computer and giving the impression he was dependent on the screen for answers," one member writes.
The moderator has also posted Readers Write letters from the BDT on the site as a show of support.

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