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Taste of victory

Monday, 2nd August, 2010

* The Broken Hill side won the weekends AAMI match. * The Broken Hill side won the weekends AAMI match.

How sweet it was, the taste of victory.
The CFMEU-inspired Broken Hill combined side handed out a football lesson to the previously undefeated Woomera Districts side at AAMI Stadium on Saturday to the tune of 76 points.
After trailing at the first change Broken Hill kicked 17.11 to Woomera's 4.7 in a powerhouse display of hard running football combined with a fierce attack at the ball, or an opponent with the ball. The opposition just had no answer for the skill and pace of the Broken Hill players.
In pretty good conditions Woomera won the toss and elected to kick to the airport end of the ground with a two-to-three goal breeze at their backs. Woomera started the better with good use of the footy and cleaner hands. It didn't take long for their giant at centre half forward Dylan Webb to impose himself on the contest, kicking Woomera's first. After some sloppy ball handling and poor disposal lead to numerous turnovers, Broken Hill finally found their feet. When Jayden Kelly goaled from fifty the margin was only 1 point. At that stage Woomera still had players prepared to run a little harder and create space for teammates and they were rewarded when they stole a mini-break with goals to Scott Peek and Scott Montgomery to lead by 15 points. Broken Hill again rallied and after a series of behinds Ben Perkins kicked a beauty from the boundary line to reduce the lead to just 6 points at the first change. It was an interesting opening term with the Woomera side looking the more likely to take control at any stage.

Woomera 3.3=21 Broken Hill 2.3=15

The second term was Broken Hill's first opportunity with the breeze and a lot would depend on their use of the footy. It could not have started any better with Wade Gepp leveling the scores early in the term. Broken Hill was starting to gain control in the middle with Kelly, Heath, Wilmore and Howard all getting first use of the footy from the efforts of Matt Nelson. The ball was continually going to Keenan and Perkins inside the forward fifty and after four behinds it took a great goal from Thomas Derham from the dead pocket to give Broken Hill a 9 point lead. That was extended on when Gepp kicked his second and the margin was a handy 15 points. Woomera were not lying down just yet and after some lead-up play Justin Watson reduced the margin back to 9 points. Broken Hill could sense the turning tide and when Lindon Cox kicked a great crumbing goal the margin was again 15. Broken Hill would have been disappointed with the remaining couple of minutes as they allowed Woomera an easy goal through Webb and the difference going into the long break was 9 points. It was a very good term for Broken Hill with Ben Camilleri, Matt Dempster and Chad Ryan all playing well and giving nothing away in defense, while McInnes, Derham, Kelly and O'Brien were all having good games.

Broken Hill 6.8=44 Woomera 5.5=35

The third term is always the most important - the premiership quarter - and it was no different in this contest. Both sides needed to produce in this term, Woomera with the breeze and Broken Hill against. The term started with Broken Hill coach David Ruddock putting Gepp into the ruck and the move had immediate success with Gepp dominating the duels. He gave his midfielders easy access to the footy and their good work was finished off by Kelly and Jamie Keenan in the early stages of the term and all of a sudden the Broken Hill lead was out to 21 points. The AAMI Stadium crowd rose as one when the 'X Factor' Wade Gepp took a screamer and goaled to extend the lead to 28 points. Against the growing momentum Woomera managed a goal when Peek kicked his second, but it was only a minor speed hump as Broken Hill continued to dominate the contest. Ryan found himself down forward and he took full advantage, kicking a super goal to take the margin back to 28 points. With Broken Hill dominating in most positions on the field it seemed inevitable that they would break the hearts of the Woomera players and they did just that in a five minute burst with goals to Heath Caldwell, Justin Heath and Dylan Stuart racing to a 47 point lead. Woomera to their credit kicked a consolation goal late in the term but the damage had been done by a skilful and quick Broken Hill side.

Broken Hill 13.11=89 Woomera 7.6=48

The final term commenced with Broken Hill full of run as they could sense a big win on the cards. When Derham kicked his second and another beauty to extend the lead to 48 points you could sense the white flag being unfolded. Jackson McInnes, who had started in defense, was now up forward and his two goals on the trot had the champagne corks popping as the margin had hit 60 points. With the contest all over Broken Hill was allowed to just run amock and they did with great enjoyment. Brad Mannion, Cox and Caldwell all kicked goals to take the final margin to 76 points. While the midfielders and forwards had a field day the defenders were fantastic, continually repelling the Woomera forward moves and setting attacks from defense. In a game that Broken Hill needed to win and to win so comprehensively it is a credit to the committed players who wore the blue and gold and coach David Ruddock who made them believe.

Best Players
Broken Hill = B. Camilleri, C. Ryan, W. Gepp, J. Kelly, M. Dempster, C. Howard
                       J. Heath
Woomera = B. Cooper, P. Rhodes, S.Peek, L. Scoble, C. Kenny N.Tuthill

Broken Hill = W. Gepp 3, J. McInnes 2, T. Derham 2, L. Cox 2, J. Kelly 2, H. Caldwell 2, B. Mannion 1, D. Stuart 1, J. Heath 1, C. Ryan 1, J. Keenan 1, B. Perkins 1
Woomera = D.Webb 2, S. Peek 2, S.Montgomery 1, J. Watson 1, P. Rhodes 1.

Broken Hill 19.14=128
Woomera = 7.10=52

Woomera Trophy = J. Ruddock
Broken Hill Trophy = B. Cooper

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