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New wheels for tramway

Monday, 9th August, 2010

* The old Broken Hill to Silverton train line will have a $100,000 face lift to turn it into a bicycle path. * The old Broken Hill to Silverton train line will have a $100,000 face lift to turn it into a bicycle path.

A dedicated bicycle path will soon be built from the city to Silverton.

The $100,000 recreational bicycle way will run for 16 kilometres along the old Broken Hill to Silverton tramway line.
City Council's sustainability manager Peter Oldsen said yesterday that Council would provide cash and materials for the project, including material salvaged from the redevelopment of the former Central Power Station.
"Council will provide $10,000 plus salvage materials from the film studio," he said.
The cycle way would begin on the Willyama Common and end at Silverton but the precise start and end points are still to be determined.
At its ordinary monthly meeting last week the Council voted to get behind the project which is being led by the Land and Property Management Authority and supported by the Silverton Village Committee (SVC).
The SVC secured a $33,750 Sport and Recreation grant for the project and Mr Oldsen said the remainder of the money would come from the LPMA and other sources.
"The LPMA will provide additional funds and there is the potential for the Silverton Village Committee to also contribute."
The project will require quite a bit of work including grading and rolling the former tramway route, erecting up to 16 kilometres of new fences, buying and installing signs and designing, making and installing barriers and bridges.
Mr Oldsen said the bicycle way would also have two shelters along the track providing shade and water.
"Spots where you can pull up and have a bit of a rest."
Council has had some early discussions with TAFE regarding the use of apprentices to carry out some of the building work and the LMPA had also discussed what role TAFE could play in the project.
Mr Oldsen said the project should be finished in about a year.
"This time next year we should be pretty close."

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