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Synagogue Defaced

Tuesday, 1st December, 2015

By Darrin Manuel

Tourists have been left shocked after vandals defaced the city’s synagogue with anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian graffiti.

The attack is believed to have taken place in the early hours of yesterday morning, and fell on the 105th anniversary of the synagogue’s foundation.

The door and walls were spray-painted with Nazi swastikas, Palestinian flags, the crescent and moon of the Islamic faith, and a reference to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

Synagogue coordinator Margaret Price said the attack had stunned volunteers and tourists alike.

“We saw it when we came down in the morning to let some tourists in, and the tourists were quite taken aback,” Mrs Price said.

“They just couldn’t believe this would happen in Broken Hill, which is a multicultural city.

“When I saw it I wasn’t horrified or angry. I was just empty and sad.

“It’s not huge, but it’s not nice. We shouldn’t have to see this sort of thing.”

Mrs Price said the synagogue and other buildings managed by the Historical Society relied heavily on donations for upkeep, and could ill-afford damage of this nature.

“This is a heritage building looked after by a group of Broken Hill people for the betterment of tourism. Why would someone do this?

“I just hope it doesn’t deter people from coming down and having a look. We’ll still be open on Wednesday and Sunday.”

The cost of the damage has not been counted at this stage, and Mrs Price she would seek Council’s advice on how to best deal with the graffiti without damaging the building’s century-old stonework.

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