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‘It could have killed kid’

Thursday, 10th December, 2015

Wayne Petersen holds up one of the hens that was killed by a dog yesterday. Wayne Petersen holds up one of the hens that was killed by a dog yesterday.

By Erica Visser

A church leader says the city’s stray dog problem is out of control after 10 hens were mauled to death in an enclosure next to a primary school.

The Reverend Neville Naden saw a large stray staffy roaming the grounds of the Bush Church Aid (BCA) house in Lane Street yesterday morning shortly before discovering all of the pet hens had been killed.

The grounds, next door to Sacred Heart Parish Primary, are used by Work for the Dole participants who plant and maintain vegetable gardens and had nurtured the hens since they were chicks. 

“To find all the chooks dead was pretty horrible,” Rev. Naden said, standing next to the empty enclosure which was now littered with piles of feathers.

“My fear is that if the dog can jump over this gate then it can easily jump over the fence to the school.

“If that dog had have gotten in there it could’ve easily killed one of the kids. It’s dangerous that we have dogs like this our walking the streets.”

Rev. Naden said he rang City Council to report the incident but was told its van was being “decontaminated”.

“It’s frustrating that this has happened because people don’t lock up their dogs. It was a big, well-fed looking staffy and it shouldn’t have been out and about.

“If the owner wants to pay to have our chooks replaced we will gladly accept.”

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