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Calling all printmakers

Friday, 18th December, 2015

Local printmakers (left) Salma Peisto and Esma d.Mather will be holding a meeting today to gather interest for the Broken Hill Print Collective. Local printmakers (left) Salma Peisto and Esma d.Mather will be holding a meeting today to gather interest for the Broken Hill Print Collective.

A meeting is being held today for printmakers interested in accessing more resources and working together in the local region.

The Broken Hill Print Collective is a newly-formed group intending to gather local printmakers together to share resources, organise group exhibitions and workshops, as well as access to information about opportunities which are specifically print-related.

The inaugural meeting of the group will be held today at the West Darling Arts boardroom (Town Hall Facade) at 11am.

The group is the initiative of local printmakers Salma Peisto and Esma d.Mather who have recently returned from the inaugural Mildura Print Triennial, supported by the Regional Arts Fund.

“We were inspired to create the group when news about a significant national event for printmakers only 300km away was delivered by friends in Melbourne a couple of weeks beforehand,” Salma said.

“We realised we needed to improve the information flow for remote printers.

“We found the event revitalising and inspiring. 

“We attended talks on techniques, sole-trader sustainability and the political significance of the print.

“There were delegates from regional and remote areas such as Port Headland, Townsville, Castlemaine and Queenstown in Tasmania, some of whom told who told stories of transforming old buildings into bustling artistic hubs.”

Salma said they would love to get a print space available where they could use equipment.

“There is a lot of equipment around town but we really need a space,” she said.

“Somewhere we could work and exhibit would be great.”

Printmaking has a tradition in being resourceful and democratic. 

For this reason, the two printmakers say, it is very well suited to Broken Hill.

“One of the characteristics of the print is that it is multiple, therefore lending itself to small business products. On the flip side it is also part of the fine arts sector,” Esma said.

The group hopes to also organise some opportunities for local printers. 

In January they hope to bring out a New York based professional stencil/street artist to create a mural and teach locals some techniques.

The group will be open to anyone interested in any of the print techniques such as etching, screenprinting, stencil and street art, potato printing, collograph, and drypoint, etc.

Salma said she is also planning to run screen printing workshops in 2016 for people of all skill-levels.

Head to Facebook Broken Hill Print Collective, email collectiveprint7@gmail.com or call 0437 603 498 or 0400 480 510 for more information. 

WHAT: Print Collective meeting 

WHEN: 11am today

WHERE: West Darling Arts boardroom, Town Hall Facade

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