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‘Sprigger’ steps up

Friday, 25th December, 2015

David Sedunary has stepped up to coach the Robins in 2016 after the club received no interest in the senior role. PICTURE: Darrin Manuel David Sedunary has stepped up to coach the Robins in 2016 after the club received no interest in the senior role. PICTURE: Darrin Manuel

By Darrin Manuel

David Sedunary has answered the Robins’ call in their time of need and will coach the club in 2016.

The West Football Club received no interest in the senior role despite weeks of advertising, and has now turned to their last premiership coach to fill the void.

Sedunary took up the role as Football Director in November, but with the clock ticking and West no closer to filling the position, the 1990 premiership coach told the club he would accept the coaching role for one season only.

“I helped start the process with the Board of finding someone who could help turn West around and I won’t step back when I’m needed,” Sedunary said.

“What we have set in place in terms of requirements and structure won’t alter and by me taking the job it will allow the Club 12 months to find a quality person for 2017 and beyond.”

Although he has not coached for 25 years, his passion and drive remain and he believes the recipe for success has not changed since he was last in charge.

“It really is basic stuff, get the players fit and committed, develop a game plan and support each other 100 per cent,” he said.

“I’m quite excited about it, I’m determined to do well and I demand we improve.

“The areas we can improve on are conditioning, fitness, endurance; we need to be stronger so we’ll be doing strength training and forms of boxing to toughen players up.

“We’ll also be working on skills and our game plan, and all those things will be in play by the first game.”

Sedunary said his game plan would revolve around retaining possession, with a major focus on fitness, pressure, unity, and hard tackling.

To this end, he said he would welcome any player who is committed to the club, their teammates, and getting the best out of themselves.

“We want players at West who are here for the right reason and who are willing to work hard and not compromise on the standards we set.

“We want players who are fair dinkum and who want to be part of what we are doing here.

“If we can sign two or three key players then I’m sure that will help our cause.”

The mood around the club was enthusiastic on Wednesday as players enjoyed a training session with club hero Brent Staker, however, Sedunary said he was under no illusions regarding the difficulty of his job going forward.

He said he would look for small signs of improvement in the first half of the year, and expect the playing group to build as September approaches.

“We won two games last season, so if we can win three games by half way through the year - who knows?

“We could pick up another three or four wins at the end of the season and be starting to hit our straps.

“Then there are seven or eight wins there, then if you’re good enough you play in finals you go from there.

“But also just being competitive is important. Not being beaten easily, and trying to improve on last year’s efforts every game.”

Sedunary will be assisted in his role by Tim Ferguson and Paul Attard, while the team will be managed by Tom Jovanovic.

Meanwhile Liam Smith will take charge of the reserves team, and Ben Harris will be responsible for the club’s strength and conditioning program.

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