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Massive milestone

Wednesday, 30th December, 2015

Dorothy and Gilbert Harris will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Saturday.PICTURE: Emily Roberts Dorothy and Gilbert Harris will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Saturday.PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Emily Roberts

Eighty-seven-year-old Gilbert Harris said if he had his time again, he would do it all with Dorothy, his beloved wife of almost 70 years.

The Broken Hill couple will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on January 2, which is also Gilbert’s 88th birthday.

It was a chance meeting for the love birds. When he was 16, Gil worked at a property out of town and when he came into the Silver City one day, he saw Dorothy in Argent Street.

“She was with another fellow at the time,” Gil said. “But we were introduced.”

Love bloomed and the pair decided to get married and were engaged for 18 months before marrying at 144 Gaffney Street.

“It was a normal day,” Gil said. “We had a nice little turnout with relations and friends - it was very nice.”

Once they were married Gil came into town for work.

“I did an ice round and then in 1946 I started at the Zinc Corporation Mine.

“I worked there for 35 years.”

Dorothy worked as a governess on a station, as well as Schinella’s Fruit Shop when it was in Oxide Street.

The couple has four daughters, six grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and four great, great grandchildren.

“Two of our daughters still live in Broken Hill with all of their family,” Dorothy said.

When it comes to their children, they feel very lucky.

“We’ve been very lucky, we’ve had four daughters and they have all been successful,” Gil said.

“We haven’t had a cross word with any of them,” Dorothy added.

The pair led active lives being involved in many different sports and Dorothy volunteered for Meals on Wheels for 34 years.

“We’ve done a fair bit of travelling, we’ve had about six caravans,” Dorothy said.

Dorothy and Gil admit to having had some tough times. They were apart for 12 months when they lived in Adelaide and Gil came back to Broken Hill to work on the mine.

He worked hard to save a deposit for a house but said it was a lonely time without Dorothy and the children.

“If you ask us if we’ve ever had an argument - we’ve had some big ones,” Dorothy said.

“But at 88 years of age, we are still doing everything ourselves.”

Gil agreed that they’ve had their ups and downs, but said it was all “about coming together.

“Everyone’s lives are a little bit different and it is a bumpy road.

“But there must be something in it, if we’re still together.

“We’re lucky to make it to 70 years.”

To celebrate their anniversary and Gil’s 88th birthday - there will be a party at their daughter’s house.

“All our daughters are coming back, one lives in Adelaide and one lives in Melbourne,” Gil said.

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