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Prize rabbits skinned alive

Thursday, 14th January, 2016

By Darrin Manuel

A local woman has been left devastated after her pet rabbits were flayed alive while she was hospitalised in Adelaide.

Twenty-year-old Aaranah Blair was recovering in Adelaide when her family was informed of the sickening crime which occurred some time in the past two days.

Her older brother Chris Quayle said the family’s cousin had been checking in on the house every few days to ensure the animals had adequate food and water while Aaranah was away.

During his last visit he made a gruesome discovery, finding all three rabbits skinned in the yard.

“Two of them were dead, but one was still alive with no skin on,” said Chris.

“The poor little fellow was trembling and dying slowly.

“I’m a hunter myself, and I wouldn’t do that to a wild rabbit, let alone someone’s pet.”

Chris said Aaranah was a dedicated rabbit fancier and doted on the creatures, driving hundreds of kilometres to enter them in shows and buying expensive equipment.

“She loves her rabbits dearly and she’s absolutely heartbroken,” said Chris of Aaranah, who remains in Adelaide for follow-up treatment.

“They were show rabbits, she exhibits them at the Adelaide Show and she’s put a lot of time and effort into them, and spends a lot of money going backwards and forwards to shows.

“When one of them even gets sick she cries her heart out, she’s just one of those people who loves animals.”

Mr Quayle encouraged anyone who heard or saw anything suspicious in Cummins Lane to contact the local police station.

Barrier Local Area Command crime inspector Mick Stoltenberg said the matter would not be taken lightly.

“If someone was sick enough to carry out this act on pets, then it will be taken seriously as it’s a low act,” he said.

“Any sort of unwarranted cruelty to any type of animal is a criminal offence. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Police.”

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