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Coalition cuts will hit Broken Hill: ALP

Thursday, 19th August, 2010

Coalition cuts to trade training centres would mean that one designated for Broken Hill High School would be scrapped, according to the ALP candidate for Farrer.

Christian Emmery said the proposed cuts were a threat to ongoing growth of business in Broken Hill and a threat to future economic development.
"Parents of children in Broken Hill should be worried about the risk to their kids' and the nation's future if Mr Abbott is elected," he said.
Besides the cuts to the trade training centres Mr Emmery said the coalition planned to cancel the Productivity Places Program, which is providing 711,000 training places across Australia to help those out of work find jobs and those with jobs improve their skills.
He said the cuts target every child in secondary school and particularly those who want to go on to learn a trade.
"They also target the on-going improvement of our schools."
Mr Emmery said the coalition's plans would mean a cut of 396,000 training places while industry is warning of a return to the Howard-era skills shortage.
"Also 120,000 students will miss out on computers and of the 670,000 computers already funded, they will become useless and out of date if the Liberals are elected and cut money for replacing and upgrading them."

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