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New hope for soccer

Friday, 29th January, 2016

Soccer in Broken Hill looks to be on the mend following a new proposal to bring all four clubs back together. Soccer in Broken Hill looks to be on the mend following a new proposal to bring all four clubs back together.

By Patrick Reincke

It likely all four Broken Hill soccer clubs will be back playing together this year following discussions about the sport’s future.

The result of the discussions has seen a new proposal arise with an outcome that looks to bridge all the gaps.

The proposal would see Broken Hill juniors (under the new Broken Hill Junior Soccer Association) aged U/6 to U/16 accepted by Football Federation South Australia (FFSA) and the South Australian Junior Soccer Association (SAJSA), providing they register with “my football” and pay the fee of $32 per player.

Once registered, players will be eligible to be selected in teams to compete in the SAJSA, State and Country Championships as well as receiving FFSA services.

The major talking point will be negotiation of a new constitution between the BHJSA, FFSA and the SAJSA during 2016 with a view to this constitution being adopted by BHJSA for 2017 onward.

Broken Hill Soccer Association President Tom Kennedy said the members of Broken Hill Soccer will decide what’s best for the sport.

“The constitution will be worked on over the next 12 months and looked at so that it is acceptable to BHJSA as well as the SAJSA and FFSA,” he said.

“The only problem would be if the membership doesn’t want to accept it, but the AGM will be in 2017 so it’s not something to concern ourselves with for now.

“I have no problem agreeing to work with FFSA and the SAJSA to go through the constitution and see where we can agree and come up with a constitution that everyone is happy with.”

All four clubs will be required to have three delegates voted onto both boards and must attend the meetings or face fines.

It ensures that the clubs are in the loop and have their say on decisions made for the Associations.

Mr Kennedy said there were concessions made by the original view of the BHSA and that was that they’d like to see money that was raised by juniors spent in Broken Hill, under the proposal, the money will go back to FFSA and the SAJSA.

“What I believe personally, is that to try and save $15,000 if it was going to cause the division that it caused, it’s certainly not worth it.

“It certainly cost the BHSA a lot more than $15,000, probably in the vicinity of $50,000.

“Only a fool would try and save $15,000 if it was going to cost $50,000.”

The money that goes to the governing bodies is expected to come back in the form of coaching clinics, equipment and other advantages.

“I think in the short term, FFSA will deliver the equivalent of what we’re putting out,” he said.

“Then it’s up to the membership, particularly the membership that fought so hard to stay with FFSA and the SAJSA to ensure they continue to deliver what they promise.”

Both Alma and St Joes have showed a positive response to the proposal with St Joes President Tim Earle saying:

“We’re happy with the proposal, and we’re happy that soccer in Broken Hill is heading in the right direction.

“It’s all positive which is good.”

Mr Kennedy also took time to mention the possible introduction of a fifth club to the Association.

“There’s been a nomination put in by a fifth team that will be dealt with soon,” he said.

“The application was put in well before Alma and St Joes and it’d be unfair and discriminatory not to consider their application.”

“If there’s a fifth club, it’s good for soccer.”

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