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Collector in town for a nose around

Saturday, 30th January, 2016

By Emily Roberts

If you have any old or antique goods you are looking to offload, you might be able to sell them for a pretty penny.

Antique buyer Rob Nayce will be in the city tomorrow looking for goods to buy.

He is happy to pay for any old shop and garage signs, workshop manuals, pocket knives, butchers steels, badges, medals, coins, old toys, comics and English china. 

He is also looking for old radios, phones, military and railway items, traps, enamel signs, oil bottles, old tins, shop displays, vintage motorcycles or parts, petrol bowsers, camp ovens, anvils, shed items, anything old or interesting.

“I do this every now and then, I’ve travelled to the city a couple of times,” he said.

“You sometimes find good, interesting stuff.”

Besides being a collector for 25 years, Rob has an antique store in Wallaroo, SA.

“I collect a lot of things myself including petrol bowsers, oil and grease cans and signs,” Rob said.

“I’m the Australian version of (television show) American pickers.”

Rob said people often ask more for their goods.

“Some try and get more than it is worth,” he said.

“But if people are moving and they want to off load some things, I’m happy to come around and make a fair offer.

“If it’s all going to the dump, I will pay a fair price for it to save it.”

Rob said he also helps connect items with other collectors.

“Sometimes you can find a new home for things.

“It doesn’t always happen instantly.”

Rob said he feels as if he is saving little pieces of history.

“I’m on a mission to save history.

“Hopefully I get some calls when I’m in Broken Hill.

“Sometimes I get a lot and sometimes I get none. Sometimes it’s junk and sometimes it’s interesting.

“If it was easy everyone would do it, you have to have a passion for it.”

He said there is a retro trend coming in.

“Antique’s are different now, some things don’t sell like they used to.

“Retro is very popular but cabinets and china have slowed. It’s all selective.”

Rob encouraged locals to give him a call.

“If you have old signs, dingo traps and oil bottles, let me know.”

For more information, phone Rob on 0418 391 084.

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