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Joeys rally behind club

Thursday, 10th March, 2016

St Joe’s is looking forward to a prosperous 2016 season following one of its best registration days in years. St Joe’s is looking forward to a prosperous 2016 season following one of its best registration days in years.

By Patrick Reincke

The future of St Joes looked uncertain following disinterest at its recent AGM, however the soccer club has since had a change of fortune.

The club appeared to be on shaky ground last week with some key board positions not being filled.

“We had a very disappointing turn out to our AGM,” St Joes representative Anthony Wellington said.

“Originally, we only filled two of the 13 board positions, however, most coaching roles were filled with only the B-Grade and Ladies coaching positions left to fill.

“However, over the last few days, we have had great support and filled the majority of the positions thanks to some dedicated members. 

“We now are left with only two board positions to fill but these are the major ones of the President and Secretary. 

“Hopefully some more members will answer our call.

“We also had our best registration day in years on Sunday with 60 players registering with 20 new players included in this number.

“We are usually lucky to get half this number.”

Mr Wellington believes that despite the introduction of two new teams to the local competition, St Joes’ future looks bright.

“What hasn’t helped is we know there’s breakaway teams and they’re people from St Joes,” he said. 

“But these people are the minority and it appears the majority of our members are fully supporting the club.

“It would have been better if these people remained loyal to the club and actually put their hands up for a committee/board position.

“We’d be better off staying united and staying as one club.” 

“Personally, I’m very disappointed by their actions, but we as a club have to move forward and I wish them all well. 

St Joes newly appointed Vice President Sean Patterson said he does want to see the club struggle throughout the year.

“I’m just hoping we can fill the main roles so that I can take a backwards step a little bit,” he said.

“It’s a very daunting position (VP) to come into.

“We want to move forward in 2016.”

Although things look slightly uncertain off field, junior development still remains St Joes’ main focus as they continue to push forward with their younger members. 

Friday’s A-League fixture between Adelaide United and Melbourne City will see 27 St Joes juniors act as ball kids, mascots and half-time game players.

Their partnership with Eastern United Football Club will be on display with the Adelaide-based club providing 44 of their juniors to join in on the night.

“The kids are really looking forward to it,” Mr Wellington said.

“We’ll be having a training session with Eastern United on Saturday as well.

“We’re the only local club that has its own development squad/academy program running.

“The kids have been training three nights a week for the last month, we’re already seeing improvements and nobody else is out there putting in that time and effort into their juniors.

“The kids are loving it, they’re really keen and they cannot get enough of it. Their dedication is amazing.

Training for all grades will commence next week.

Training times are unclear at the moment as the Club awaits confirmation from the BHSA in regards to access to the grounds at O’Neil Park.

St Joes will also hold another rego/info day session on Friday April 1 at Sturt Park between 6pm and 8pm with a free sausage sizzle to bolster their playing numbers.

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