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Tight finals expected at Softball

Friday, 11th March, 2016

Matt Day (Bandits), Adam Betts (Rebels), Cheryl Meuret (Tigers) and Lesley Nicholls (Rebels) are raring to go for tonight’s softball grand finals at Jubilee Oval. Matt Day (Bandits), Adam Betts (Rebels), Cheryl Meuret (Tigers) and Lesley Nicholls (Rebels) are raring to go for tonight’s softball grand finals at Jubilee Oval.

By Patrick Reincke

The 2015/16 Softball season will reach its conclusion tonight.

Teams have battled it out all season long in what has been an intense few months in all forms of the game.

The Softball Championship Night at the Jubilee Ovals starts at 6pm with a Junior Exhibition match.

All the youngsters are invited to take part in the game which will be the curtain raiser to Open Women’s Final between the Tigers and Rebels at 7:30pm.

There will be no cost of the juniors to play and it will give them a chance to show what they’ve learned at their junior days.

The Rebels are reigning premiers and aiming for back-to-back flags. This game will be on a knife’s edge from the very first pitch.

After the Women’s final, the Open Men will take to the field at 9.30pm. Reigning premiers, the Bandits will take on challengers, the Rebels.

Both sides possess a healthy mixture of talented players and this makes it virtually impossible to pick a winner.

The canteen will be open and a barbecue will be run as well. 



Damian Pascoe: Plays anywhere on the field, very dangerous at short stop, has a lightning arm on release and is very good at reading the play.

John Nicholls: Plays anywhere but is most dangerous as pitcher. John is one of the strong leaders in the team and has great knowledge of the game. He has one of the best running slap bunts in the comp and high average of safe hits.

Adam Betts: One of the best outfielders. He has a blistering pace around the diamond and reads the game well. He is a fierce competitor and loves to swing away when he gets the go ahead.

Zane Kemp: Can play anywhere but he is most dangerous at catcher. Zane is another strong leader. He has a quick arm, loves to pick off runners and is one of the side’s biggest batters with possibly the highest batting average in the comp.

Tristan Symonds: Rebels’ utility player. Tristan has a great read of play and is very determined on the field. He has a rocket throw and quick hands. Very speedy between the bases and can pull it off with the bat when told.

Logan Murphy: Most dangerous at second base. He’s got an intuitive eye and is also a speedy base stealer. Logan is known for his unpredictable batting and can do some serious damage.

Shaun Kemp: Goes wherever needed. His blistering throw is matched by some of the safest hands in the game. Shaun is a game changer which he owes to his high batting average.

Michael Ellis: Dangerous allrounder but is most damaging at third base. Michael is a reliable pitcher and a very safe batter.

Rodney Hurst: Known as Mr Reliable and is one of the Rebels’ older players. Rodney is very consistent with the bat and has adapted well with first base. He is very consistent at bringing his team mates over the plate to get the lead.

Jarred Paull: A key utility player but holds strong at short stop. Jarred has a lightning arm (107km) and knows the game very well for his first year in. Jarred’s batting is up with the best and is certainly an x-factor.

Brady Wauchope: Very dangerous out in right field. Brady possesses a powerful arm which can hit home plate from anywhere. Brady is adapting well to softball and will likely move closer in field in the new season.


Matt Day: Captain, a great leader and an excellent pitcher.

Sheldon Hall: Coaches his teammates and is a very handy asset to have in the season’s ultimate game.

Evan Ferguson: Has played state alongside Sheldon, pocket rocket at short stop and packs a big punch with the bat.

Pete Fenwick: Lead off batter with the ability to always get a hit. Has quick hands when covering third base.

Craig Olsen: Gives 110% at first base. A slick batter with big hitting power.

Danny Olsen: Seals off second base with a precision eye. His speed when running bases is paramount.  

Jake Trengove: His cricket sees him strike the ball with accuracy. Absolutely outstanding in the outfield and catches everything.

Carey Ferguson: A junior of this side with impressive development coming from his season. Skills with the bat and in the outfield.

Preston Slater: Another cracking batter with an eagle eye at the plate. Always hits the right pitch and can play either catcher or second base.

Ethan Slater: “The Scuba Diver” is arguably one of the town’s best outfielders. Match that with sneaky base stealing skills and the ability to crack home runs, and he will certainly be a game changer tonight. 


Taryn Mitchell: Utility player who can play anywhere on the diamond. Is very dangerous with the bat and is known to hit a home run or two.

Jaimee Day: Great team spirit, the side’s smiling assassin. The most elegant slide in the team.

Lesley Nicholls: Strong leader with a rocket arm who loves to pick off and is very smart with her game play.

Jenny Dannatt: The side’s strong left-handed hitter who covers a lot of ground in the outfield. A top base runner and is never short of a word. 

Nikki Evits: A new addition this season who has impressed. Has a glove like a magnet and is great for putting on the pressure with the trap play.

Bobbie Slater: A strong infield player who is consistent as a top order batter.

Kristy Adams: Strong relief pitcher with safe fielding and fast base running.

Paula Huxtable: The West recruit is a strong outfield player. Not one to miss a catch and the opportunity to get a perfect hit.

Melissa Mallon: Lead pitcher who will be an x-factor tonight. Also has strong, safe batting.

Hayley Mayne: Consistent team player who is known for her Zen and sending positive vibes. Will be missed due to her holidays.

Kiara Dolphin: The youngster of the team this season. Filled with enthusiasm and continues to show improvement every week.

Rhys Whitfield: Another West recruit, runs like a whippet and will be a surprise packet on the night.

Faye Dannatt: Number One scorer for the team this season. An absolute legend and the backbone of the club. 


Christine Bartley: A strong pitcher and a great reflex fielder, is still throwing them down accurately. 

Leonie Wilson: Reliable catcher with a great arm. A powerful home run scorer.

Cheryl Meuret: Holds strong at first base and always comes up with safe hits.

Jan James: Coming back from injury, sneaks in the perfect hits and has some safe fielding skills.

Gaylee Honson:  Recruited from Westies, has found her spot in the side well, is damaging at third base.

Ann Garrick: Ever reliable left fielder, a stellar big hitter.

Julie Simmons: A fast runner everywhere on the field. Uses her speed to cover centre field well.

Julie Sandy: A potential second baseman and a very talented right fielder. 

Alexis Lenton: A newbie in the side, is fitting in well at either second or third base.

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