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Dash success

Monday, 14th March, 2016

85-year-old Inge Vitols takes a leisurely 3km walk with Emma Gearen. 85-year-old Inge Vitols takes a leisurely 3km walk with Emma Gearen.

The 2016 Living Desert Dash Fun Run was held Sunday morning with a great turnout converging on the Living Desert Sanctuary. From young to old, well over 100 participants walked or ran the 3km, 5km or 10km distances. The weather remained cool with a breeze all morning and lightning in the distance providing a well needed distraction for some runners fighting the pain. Meghann Coffey and Brett Starkey were the overall winners of the 10km run with both of them never looking in doubt. 85-year-old Inge Vitols was the event’s oldest Dasher while William Smith came in as the youngest at four months.

Best Times:

10Km Female

Meghann Coffey0.42.40

Steph Halpin0.48.05

Kristina Dimamay0.52.22

Robyn Stewart0.54.48

Trinity Connor0.56.29

10Km Male

Brett Starkey0.34.46

Hayden Hands0.40.41

Charlie Stenhouse0.41.18

Daniel Roe0.41.46

David Cranby0.46.45

5Km Female

Sasha Cox0.25.29

Demi-Rose Finlay0.27.03

Mary Whelan-Little0.27.47

Jessica Smith0.27.54

Rachel Merton0.28.13

5Km Male

Zac Micallef0.23.16

Jason Harwood0.24.06

Simeon Kloczko0.24.17

Danyon Olsen0.26.39

Marty Stuart0.26.41

3Km Event

Josie Bieber0.22.22

Ebonee Adams0.23.18

Finley Adams0.28.20

Samuel Harvey0.29.01

Lachlan Harvey0.29.02

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