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YMCA revamp deserves help, says local MP

Thursday, 24th March, 2016

The YMCA is hoping to win government money for a big proposed redevelopment of its traditional home across the road from Sturt Park. The YMCA is hoping to win government money for a big proposed redevelopment of its traditional home across the road from Sturt Park.

By Emily Roberts

Local State MP Kevin Humphries is hoping to help the YMCA with a proposed redevelopment of its building.

Mr Humphries along with Parkes candidate Mark Coulton, toured the local YMCA facility on Sunday.

The YMCA NSW are investigating opportunities to significantly redevelop the building and create a new integrated community health and recreation centre featuring a blend of recreation, children’s and community services programs including but not limited to fitness, child care and mental health programs. 

“The project proposes to demolish about 1000m squared of the building which was built in the 1970s to make way for a complex that is open plan and inclusive, restoring the heritage facade and internal areas of the Chloride Street building and upgrades to the indoor stadium,” said YMCA Centre Manager Shane Simmons.

“The investment is significant and we are actively looking at a number of funding opportunities, including at the State and Federal Government level.”

Mr Humphries said he was impressed with the development plans.

“The YMCA has been a boon for Broken Hill,” he said.

“Having the YMCA take over the Aquatic Centre has taken the pressure off of Council. Their membership has also grown.

“They need $4.5 million for the revamp.

“They have $1 million to spend; they will look to put in an Expression of Interest for the Regions for Resources funding.

“The YMCA might not get all the funding in one hit, it might come in a couple of stages.

“They will be looking $3 million over time.”

However, Mr Humphries said the funding hasn’t been promised.

“There is no guarantee they will be the funding,” he said. “But they have to put it in to get it up, so to speak.

“It is one of the better projects I have seen.”

Mr Simmons said he was happy with the State and Federal support they have received so far. 

“Both State MP Kevin Humphries and Federal MP Mark Coulton toured the YMCA on Sunday morning and discussed the redevelopment project,” Mr Simmons said.

“Both were very interested in learning about the benefits of a new community health and recreation centre. 

“The redevelopment will deliver a community health and recreation centre that will support the current and future needs of our community. 

“The programs and services that will be offered will support all generations in becoming healthier, happier and connected to their community. 

“The centre will be a true community hub.”

The initial Expression of Interest is due on April 7 with detailed submissions to be completed mid-year provided the submission progresses past the next stage.

“This is an exciting time for the YMCA NSW as we look to deepen our engagement, remain contemporary and ultimately create a more vibrant, sustainable and livable Broken Hill and Far West region,” Mr Simmons said.

“We have a proud history in Broken Hill, operating for over 100 years. 

“Servicing our region for the next 100 years and beyond is very important to us, if we achieve this funding we will work with our partners, stakeholders, members and the wider community to ensure we deliver programs and services that meets their needs.”

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