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Memorial Oval needs quick fix

Thursday, 26th August, 2010

* Memorial Oval * Memorial Oval

City Council will "pull out all the stops" to have the lights at the Memorial Oval repaired before the Silver City Show begins.

At last night's monthly meeting of Council, Deputy Mayor Neville Gasmier aired his concerns over the state of the oval and asked whether it was unsafe, given recent public scrutiny.
The Broken Hill Football League has been holding matches at the Jubilee Oval as they say both the scoreboard and time-keeper's box are unusable.
The league says the facility is overdue for maintenance, the scoreboard is dangerous, and that they're paying to hire the facility, so it should be maintained.
Mayor Wincen Cuy said the scoreboard had been vandalised between games, prompting the League to move matches. He said that was an "over-reaction to a minor problem".
Councillor Marion Browne asked is the elected body should inspect the oval, given that the Silver City Show will be held there next month.
Council's General Manager Frank Zaknich said management was looking into who could fix the globes on the light towers, as it required some expertise. Manager of Infrastructure Paul DeLisio said the question was whether the towers could be climbed safely without a safety line being installed at a cost of almost $40,000.
Councillor Tom Kennedy and Mayor Cuy agreed that Council should "pull out all the stops" to have the work completed before the show starts.
Council is also undertaking a case study to put together a business plan for the oval, and is looking to upgrade the hot water system there.
The oval's management committee has flagged lights, the wall fence and globes in the towers as needing urgent attention.

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