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Golf club’s drive to attract more tourists

Tuesday, 29th March, 2016

The grounds staff the Broken Hill Golf Course is excited about new equipment - a deck slasher, bunker rake and a fairway mower - worth more than $150,000. The grounds staff the Broken Hill Golf Course is excited about new equipment - a deck slasher, bunker rake and a fairway mower - worth more than $150,000.

By Patrick Reincke

There are great plans for a major redevelopment of the Broken Hill Golf Course, including an RV park and upgrades to both floors of the clubrooms.

The course’s former owner, John Cowley said that the plans would transform the course into a major tourist attraction over the next year.

“The purchasing of new mowing equipment is the first step of the development that’s taking place overall with the course,” he said.

“We are going to put in an RV park on the driving range along with a whole family area with swimming pools, putt-putt golf and barbecues.

“We’ll probably start with 12 units for the RV park just to see where it goes.”

Up at the clubrooms, there are plans to redevelop both floors and also install a proper pro shop along with outdoor facilities for general functions, Mr Cowley said.

“We are going to give the second floor a facelift first, get the kitchen working properly because down stairs will act as a food, bar and coffee shop,” he said.

“This food angle of it will be needed to support the other side of it for getting special events and all that.”

The Course’s current owner, Joseph Carrazza, is well known for his successful Pizza Cafe in Mildura.

He will be bringing the talented and internationally known chef Stefano de Pieri with him from Mildura to bolster the course’s catering abilities.

“He’s going to bring those talents to BH, the same catering skills,” Mr Cowley said.

“Joseph is fortunate enough with his talents, his father’s talents and Stefan’s talents to be able to bring a quality product here but not at a stupid price.

“They are very humble about their capabilities and what they do but they should be proud of it and the world should know it.

“That’s what he’s bringing to the city; it’s a great asset because it enables catering at the top end for any function that Broken Hill wants to put on.

“This will take 12 months to set up.”

Mr Carrazza said that the food element, matched with the new accommodation, family areas and the golf course is a great thing.

“It gives another tourist attraction for the area and will also bring new people,” he said.

“Additionally, it will be another facility that shows Broken Hill for what it is and its unique scenery.

“I think golf, and also having the accommodation scenario, will go hand in hand along with the function facility.”

Mr Cowley said the golf club - which will be known as “The Silver City Golf and Sporting Resort” would never survive on just golfers.

“There are not enough passionate golfers in the town prepared to put in and play the course on a regular basis.

“But there is room for families and that’s what we are introducing. 

“It will bring weddings, parties that will bring the business that golf cannot supply in the town under the current population.

“We have gone through all of the hurdles that have been in front of us and we have come out this end and we have one of the best golf courses around.

“It will become what we have talked about.

“It’s going to be great.”

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