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Happy to keep ‘em under the pump

Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016

Stephen De Leeuw gives the independent service station a go yesterday. Stephen De Leeuw gives the independent service station a go yesterday.

By Michael Murphy

The manager of a service station that started a local petrol price war says he will stick to his guns as long as the price of a barrel of oil remains the same.

Metro Petroleum opened up the service station in Silver Street near the Jubilee Oval last month, entering the market with the cheapest fuel in the city.

The bold move forced the major petrol providers in town to immediately drop their prices to match, keeping four local service stations around the 109.9 cents a litre mark for the past two weeks.

Local Metro Service Station manager Ram Goli said the response from local residents had been overwhelmingly positive so far.

He has already picked up three business accounts since opening on April 18.

“We are getting a lot of support from a lot of people, which is very nice to see,” Mr Goli said.

“It’s been a really great start for us.”

They have opened up a string of servos in other regional areas, and Broken Hill was last on their list.

Mr Goli said the major price influence for Metro would be the “barrel rate”, and as long as that rate remained the same, he would sell unleaded fuel around the same mark.

Local motorists have been vocal about their support for the newest servo on the block.

Stephen De Leeuw was filling up at Metro before departing for a trip to Adelaide yesterday, and he said he went out of his way to support the newcomers rather than the major retailers.

“We’re looking more to help independent businesses, and this is a way to keep the price down in Broken Hill,” he said. 

The average price of unleaded fuel in the Silver City for the past week has been $1.16, dropping 28 cents a litre from a peak of $1.44 in August last year.

This represents a saving of $14 every time a motorist fills a 50 litre tank.

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