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Hanson here and happy with Hill

Saturday, 7th May, 2016

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson with Brian Burston at Agfair yesterday. PICTURE: Emily Roberts One Nation leader Pauline Hanson with Brian Burston at Agfair yesterday. PICTURE: Emily Roberts

By Erica Visser

Pro Hart was a good friend and supporter of Pauline Hanson, and so it was with fond memories that the One Nation leader returned to the city this week.

Ms Hanson, who spent yesterday chatting with locals at Agfair along with her NSW Senate candidate Brian Burston, said Broken Hill was like everywhere else she had visited - people were sick of the Liberal, National and Labor parties.

“People are fed up with the major political parties; they want change, they want people who are honest, trustworthy and who will listen to them,” she said.

“They are sick of politicians who are worrying about everyone else in the world, opening up our gates to foreign investment and foreign ownership to take over our land, our resources, our assets and they’ve had enough.

“That’s why they are looking towards Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.”

But Ms Hanson was less forthcoming when asked about her party’s views on same sex marriage, ahead of the government’s promise to hold a plebiscite later this year if it is re-elected.

“Where is this interview heading?” she asked. “... The general feeling I’ve picked up from the public is they do want a vote on it and I think that’s important that they have a vote.”

Ms Hanson said she had been very well received by the locals, who seemed to be supportive of her policies which include banning burqas, the building of Islamic schools and Halal certification.

The late Pro Hart was one of her supporters during her initial campaigning in the 1990s, Ms Hanson said.

“It’s been a fantastic atmosphere, people have actually encouraged me,” she said.

“I just called into town to have a cup of coffee and I was flat out actually having my coffee because of the number of people who came up to say hello and welcome me to town.”

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