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A new dimension

Wednesday, 1st September, 2010

* Silver City Cinema's John Wren with the new 3D glasses. * Silver City Cinema's John Wren with the new 3D glasses.

The city's only cinema is set to become one of the few regional movie houses in Australia to be able to show 3D digital productions.

A new silver screen and 3D equipment is currently being installed at the local cinema and there are hopes that 3D movies will be shown on Friday.
The cinema is also in the process of installing a digital projector that will play 2D and 3D movies.
Silver City Cinema's John Wren said the film industry was changing to digital and the local changeover would keep the city up with the times.
"Digital is coming to Broken Hill in December and television sets have to change over (to digital) ... in the film industry it's already started and this time next year any theatres not on digital may as well close the doors," Mr Wren said.
"There was no other option but to organise with the distributors and go digital," he said.
"In time small theatres will close because they can't afford to go digital."
Mr Wren said that it was time to move ahead.
"This time next year, we would be too late," he said.
He said the new screen and digital equipment was well worth the effort and would provide another outlet of entertainment for locals.
"It's amazing isn't it," Mr Wren said.
Associated Sound Newcastle's Technical Manager, Barry Parsons, said the company was installing a new plastic silver screen with polarisation for 3D screenings.
"The boys are working hard putting it all up," Mr Parsons said.
"There will be a new NEC digital projector with a Dolby server and a Master Image 3D system," he said.
"It is the latest in cinema equipment."
Mr Parsons said only three cinemas in the western area had made the switch to screen 3D movies.
Mr Wren said the changeover meant it would be easier to get films and easier for the film companies, and a lot cheaper to provide films to the exhibitors more quickly.
The first screening of a 3D movie will be on Friday and the Silver City Cinema is offering an introductory price of $13.50 per person, plus a $2 fee for the reuseable 3D glasses.
After this the price of a 3D movie will go up to $16.50 per person, which Mr Wren said was "a lot cheaper than the capital cities".
As well as going 3D the Silver City Cinema is getting infra-red hearing aids for the hearing impaired.
Mr Wren said this was a big issue here and it was important to accommodate everyone.
"(Being hearing impaired) is a big issue in Broken Hill ... nobody will be left out," he said.
Mr Wren said he was happy about the change to the cinema.
"I'm happy I can do it ... it had to be done to bring better quality entertainment to Broken Hill," he said.
"It's our obligation to provide entertainment for the people of Broken Hill."

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