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Film festival for freedom

Friday, 3rd September, 2010

* CEFA's Events Manager Stephanie Lorenzo at a recent community information meeting. * CEFA's Events Manager Stephanie Lorenzo at a recent community information meeting.

A national campaign aimed at getting young Australians excited about having the freedom to vote comes to the city next week.

The campaign takes the form of a series of film festivals that will be launched here with the screening of the film Broken Hill.
The festival is supported by Constitution Education Fund Australia and that organisation's events manager, Ms Stephanie Lorenzo, was in the city this week to encourage participation.
Ms Lorenzo said the festival helped to promote the Australian political system and government.
"From a personal point of view, I'm 25 and I never had an interest in politics ... my dad showed me how to vote and it was something that wasn't taught at school then," she said.
"That's why we need to find new ways to appeal to the younger generation and make our system of government and constitution interesting and 'cool by association' ... so people understand the importance of it," she said.
Ms Lorenzo said locals should appreciate how "great we have it in Australia".
The film festival begins on September 11 here with the first screening of "Broken Hill".
The Executive Director of CEFA, Kerry Jones, said 1.4 million eligible voters were not enrolled to vote and that number was increasing every year.
"Over half of the young Australian population don't seem to know, or care, that we're a democracy," she said.
This is why the Constitution Education Fund Australia run educational film festivals.
"Broken Hill" will be used to educate students on the law and the importance of not breaking the law.
Mrs Jones said that Broken Hill was a great place to hold a film festival launch.
"(Broken Hill) is a great icon for Australian film," she said.
The two main reasons the festival is being launched here is because the movie is called "Broken Hill" and it sheds light on the fact that Australia is so great because of its regional areas.
"We want to help market Broken Hill and get more people aware of these areas," Ms Lorenzo said.
About 400 tickets will be sold for the launch.
Locals can choose to buy a ticket for $25 and attend a function at the BH Regional Art Gallery before going to the film or pay just $15 if they only want to see the film.
Only 200 tickets will be sold for the function at the Art Gallery, which will include canapes and refreshments, and will begin at 6pm.
The film will begin at 7pm and run through until 9pm.
School sessions will also be held on the following Monday and Tuesday after the launch which will cost $5 per student.
Tickets can be booked online at www.auscivics.org.au, by calling 1800 009 855 or by contacting Stephanie on 0488 042 413.

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