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Thursday, 14th July, 2016

BH Hot Rod Club members Greg Wilkins and Mark Doyle. BH Hot Rod Club members Greg Wilkins and Mark Doyle.

By Darrin Manuel

Roaring engines, squealing tyres, and the smell of burning rubber are a delight to the senses of most car enthusiasts, and they’ll soon be able to indulge themselves thanks to the Broken Hill Hot Rod Club.

The club, also known as the Desert Rats, are currently constructing a massive 20x30-metre concrete burnout pad on the old Adelaide road on the city’s western outskirts.

The burnout pad is the first step in the club’s plan for the patch of land, with later additions to include a bitumen drag strip, spectator seating, and canteen facilities.

Club member Greg Wilkins said all the work had been carried out thanks to donations of time, equipment, and money from members and local businesses.

He said plans for the new complex were hatched around four years ago, and it was hoped that the burnout pad would be completed by Christmas.

As the project progresses, Mr Wilkins said he hoped the city could host professional burnout competitions and other motorsport events to boost tourism.

“That’s what we intend, that’s why we’re building it to this scale,” he said.

“I believe it will be a big thing.”

Outside of the complex’s entertainment and recreational value, Mr Wilkins said it could also provide a safe area for drivers to blow off some steam in their cars without disturbing or endangering Broken Hill residents.

“We’ve talked with the police and they’re behind it,” he said.

“If people want to do burnouts they can come down here and do it, and learn to do it properly,” he said.

“Even if it saves one life, whether it’s the driver or the cop chasing them, that’s enough.”

Barrier LAC Crime Manager, Mick Stoltenberg, agreed the new facility could have a range of benefits.

“Police have met a number of times since the club came up with this proposal, we are supportive of the concept,” he said.

“It may well also assist with driver education, removing hoons off our roads, and it could also bring future tourism related events to our community.” 

Anyone wishing to join the Hot Rod Club can attend its regular meeting on the second Monday of every month at the Tydvil Hotel.

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