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Isa saves her Teddy

Friday, 15th July, 2016

Isa and her horse Teddy Bear. Isa and her horse Teddy Bear.

By Daniel Stringer

Everyone loves a happy ending and that’s what has been given to one lucky horse and his kind-hearted owner. 

Two years ago Isa Lawson was staying with friends in the hills just out of Mudgee, where she came across a chestnut gelding who was in desperate need of help.

Isa, who was 12 at the time, rang her mum Bec with a passionate plea to let her take the horse in.

Whilst Bec was hesitant at first, given that the teenager was already responsible for several horses, she eventually caved and made the seven-hour journey to collect him.

It soon became clear to the station manager that if something wasn’t done for the horse soon, it would have been destroyed.

“He was quite thin and had a twisted foot and some bad scarring and was in quite poor condition,” Bec said.

“If we hadn’t taken him in it was only a matter of time before he became dog meat.”

The family gave the horse the name Teddy Bear during the trip home, because every time they got him off the float to stretch he acted like a “big, old cuddly teddy bear”.

After some time and care, the condition of the battered horse began to improve, to the point where he was able to keep up with a former race horse in the same paddock.

There was still the issue however of his twisted foot. That was until Isa took to YouTube seeking a tutorial on how she could correct it herself.

Using the tutorial and some shoeing gear she was able to fix the problem without any issues.

With the foot healed, Isa began to ride Teddy Bear and was finally able to treat him like a normal horse.

Last weekend, Isa was rewarded for her compassion when she and Teddy Bear entered the Milparinka Gymkhana competition, having a successful weekend and even picking up a few ribbons.

This heartwarming story goes to show that even the most mistreated animals only need someone to care for them, something which Bec is asking all first time horse buyers to consider before making a purchase. 

“I think Teddy Bear may have gotten to that stage ... because he was sold as a beginner’s horse and he is not that at all.

“Please if you are buying horse for the first time, and don’t know much about them, find someone who does to help you.”

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