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Mr Roberts, your house has arrived

Friday, 11th November, 2016

The house travelled along William Street with a police escort yesterday morning. The house travelled along William Street with a police escort yesterday morning.

By Kara de Groot

Traffic came to a stop yesterday morning in central Broken Hill as a three-bedroom house was slowly driven to Warnock Street.

A police escort was on hand to help clear the road, as well as an Essential Energy truck, which lifted low-hanging powerlines so they wouldn’t strike and tangle with the house.

More than half a dozen locals gathered for the spectacle as the house was reversed into Warnock Street, while dozens of cars were diverted there and at earlier points in the road.

The house was brought to Broken Hill at the behest of Lionel Roberts, who intends to sell it once final improvements are made.

“It’s basically a turnkey home - open the front door and everything’s down, inside and outside,” Mr Roberts said.

“I was a developer in Perth for a number of years and I always build a house as if I were to live in it,” he said.

The three bedroom, two bathroom house was built in Adelaide before being driven to Broken Hill, and was specifically designed with Broken Hill in mind.

“I know Broken Hill weather, I’ve been coming here for years, so it’s got split system air conditioning which covers the main living area and fans in the bedrooms, and of course it’s fully insulated,” Mr Roberts said.

“Up until two years ago I had two aunties and an uncle living here and we’d come up every twelve months to see them, so we originally bought the land to be near them,” he said.

“If it’s not sold we intend to rent it out, but that’s not what I want to do, I want to clear this bock, go back to Perth and thank you Broken Hill.”

If the first house sells Mr Roberts plans on placing a second house, of similar design, on the other half of the divided block.

“It’d be the same style but a different facade, people don’t want to live in the exact same house,” he explained.

“It’d have a different colour roof, different colour walls, but a similar design, it’s a good design.”

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