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Magpies never in doubt

Monday, 13th September, 2010

* Central Football Club - League Premiers 2010 * Central Football Club - League Premiers 2010

The Magpies have claimed the 2010 premiership with a comfortable 64 point victory over a disappointing South side on Saturday.

Central blew the grand final apart with an opening term of superior football that was followed by an excellent second term to have the Magpies 66 points up at the long break, and the grand final in their grasp.
Central won the toss and elected to kick to the city end with a slight breeze going across the ground.
The Magpies were quickly into stride with Wilmore, Heath and Cox getting early touches.
They opened the scoring with Cox kicking a beauty. The Magpies were relentless in the opening stanza and the pressure that was applied soon told on the Roos as Carapellotti with pace kicked the second and the lead was 14 points.
The Magpies were now very confident and another goal to Cox had every Magpie up and about and the confidence was rising.
The Roos just couldn't get their hands on the footy, let alone go forward, and when Gepp snapped truly the margin was out to 26 points and the Roos needed a lift.
Derham, who started in defence, was shifted to attack and it had an immediate impact. He kicked the Roos' first, but that luxury was short lived as Perkins scored two quick goals to extend the lead to 32 points.
As the term drew to a close Perkins had one more opportunity and he capitalised, kicking his third for the quarter and giving his side a handy 39 point lead at the first change.
If this was to stay a contest the Roos needed to lift in the second term and get the scoreboard ticking over.
Unfortunately for the Roos it was the Pies who again came out the aggressor.
An early goal to Carapellotti and again the Roos were left flat-footed as the Magpies just ran the footy from all parts of the ground.
They continued to cause pain when Perkins kicked his fourth and the lead was now 50 points.
Carapellotti, who hasn't been seen for many weeks was making his presence felt when he ran onto a loose ball and kicked his third, and the lead had blown out to 56 points.
The Roos finally kicked their first for the term when Staker, who was in everything, kicked truly.
Even his efforts didn't stop the bleeding as the Magpies had all the answers.
Another two goals to Perkins and a single to Paull and the lead was out to 65 points, and this grand final was all but over.
The Magpies would go into the half time break with a 66 point lead and one hand firmly on the T.C. Gunn Cup.
Stunned patrons could only hope that the Roos would mount a comeback in the third term.
Hopes soon faded as Paull kicked the Magpies' first for the term and in doing so extended the lead to 74 points.
If you can be a little technical of the Magpies performance in the second half, they did switch players around, which seemed pointless as nothing was broken.
The Magpies were already looking to the final siren and not really playing the game out.
They had the Roos on the ropes and to a certain extent they let them off.
To the Roos' credit they did fight hard in the third term.
Westley goaled to reduce the lead to 65 before Perkins kicked his seventh.
The Roos managed to kick two in a row through Marcus O'Brien and Staker to bring the margin to 60 points, but it was a case of too little too late.
The Roos did outscore the Magpies by 6 points to trail by 59 at the last change.
The city's best junior winner, Cody Schorn gave the Roos the perfect start to the final term with first goal inside the opening minute.
But as it was all day, the Magpies had the answers and when Perkins marked strongly and goaled it was just a matter of time.
Power, playing in his first league grand final kicked a great running goal and the margin was 64 points.
The Roos continued to press forward and after a series of behinds they managed two quick goals through Staker and Cohen Caldwell, but the day belonged to the Magpies and goals to Gepp, Keenan and a captain's goal from Heath and the fat sheila was in the building.
At the final siren it was the Magpies who were 65 points up and the 2010 premiers.
It was a fantastic season by the Magpies, who only lost two games, and they deserved to by crowned champions.
Central's winning margin of 64 points was the biggest winning margin in a grand final since the Magpies achieved the identical feat back in 1995.
After half time the Roos kicked 6.14 to the Magpies 7.7 - the damage done in the opening half.
In keeping with tradition you would imagine the celebrations will be long and hard, so keep an eye out for low flying Magpies for the next few days.
Well done Centrals - the Premiers for 2010.

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